Can Hijama Help With My Constipation & Smoking Habit?

Assalaam alaikum,  The following case study is from one of our HNA Graduates Br Suhayl Patel, from Bolton UK. He is now a Certified HNA Hijama Practitioner (CHP) and producing great results.  His patient was a 34 year Old Male suffering from Constipation, Shoulder and Back Pain and he generally had a low mood with depressive […]

Can Hijama Help Me After Cancer Treatment?

The following Case Study is from another one of our Graduates Sr Zobia who is working from a Hijama Clinic in Birmingham, UK. She is producing remarkable results for her patients through her Hijama Service. The following is a Case Study on a 46 years old Female patient with multiple health concerns.  Health History One […]

Hijama Treating Scoliosis-The Bend Is Gone!

The following Case study is from our Graduates Dr Atiya Mehmood from Lahore, Pakistan. She is now a Certified HNA Hijama Practitioner (CHP) and producing great results. Her patient was a 33 year old female with severe back pain and after an MRI she was diagnosed with right sided Scoliosis and Spastic Lumbar Muscles causing excruciating […]

A Hijama Case Study from a Sports Therapist…

The following Case study is from another one of our HNA Students from North London UK who is a Sports Therapist. He has specialized his skill set with Hijama to produce amazing results. His patient was a 55 year old Male who suffered from back pain which was mainly painful in the lower back and […]

Case Study:Hijama Treating Lower Back Pain

The following Case Study is from another one of Graduates who treated a 22 year old female with lower back pain, feelings of fatigue and lethargy. The patient had issues with being over-weight since childhood, overtime her weight issues led to excruciating lower back pain, swelling in the legs and she had poor physical activity. She […]

Hajj and Hijama

Asslaamoalaykum, It has been over a month since the end of Ramadan and gears are shifting towards Hajj (Holy Pilgrimage to Makkah), Alhumdulillah. There is only about month remaining to Zil Hajj. I am sure all of the brothers and sisters who are traveling to perform Hajj this year, are getting ready for their travels […]

Hijama for Back and Neck Pain: A Case Study

This is a Case Study from one of Hijama Nation’s Student. This student is from Makkah, KSA and is a Radiation Therapist. Note: Hijama Nation respect their students and their patients’ privacy so we are not declaring any of the names. These are real case studies which have been submitted by our students.      […]

Hijama for Back Pain

One of my uncles had very bad back pain for a couples of years. He tried everything, from pills to physiotherapy but no help. He wasn’t even able to get up from a chair without pressing on the handles of the chair and using his full body strength. I told him to get Hijama performed. […]