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Case Study:Hijama Treating Lower Back Pain - Hijama Nation

Case Study:Hijama Treating Lower Back Pain

The following Case Study is from another one of Graduates who treated a 22 year old female with lower back pain, feelings of fatigue and lethargy. The patient had issues with being over-weight since childhood, overtime her weight issues led to excruciating lower back pain, swelling in the legs and she had poor physical activity. She would find it difficult to stand up straight affecting her posture and making her slouch. She found it very painful to get up after sitting for a while.  


The patient had a number of Hijama sessions and massage alongside dietary and lifestyle changes such as exercise and nutrition.


As the sessions progressed she began seeing gradual positive differences in her health. She had lost 5 lbs masha Allah. After her 4th session she felt her posture became straighter instead of bent over or slouched as before.  She was able to get up from sitting position without agonizing pain. The general pain in her body reduced. She seemed happier, her mind felt sharper, and overall she felt healthier.
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