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Are you passionate about natural health and helping others?

Do you want to start a fulfilling and purposeful career in Islamic Medicine and Natural Health Industry, that is recession proof?

Do you want to get people healthy with natural, sunnah treatment that gets over 90% success rate?

Do you want to revive and establish the forgotten Sunnah of Hijama, so you can earn reward and dua, while you work?

Do you want to be amongst those people who change the lives of others and leave a legacy behind so you keep getting the reward even after you are dead?

If your answer to any of the above is yes, then keep reading…

If You Get Qualified As A Hijama Practitioner With Our Exclusive Holistic Hijama Treatment System, You will be able to:

  • Revive The Forgotten Sunnah of Hijama Cupping Therapy
  • Start a New Career
  • Have A Flexible Schedule
  • Help People Get Healthy
  • Treat Your Family, Friends And Community
  • Create Sadaqae Jariyah
  • Revive A Forgotten Sunnah

Help People Get Healthy With The Sunnah Treatment That Gets Over 90% Success Rate

As we know, people are getting sick more, even at a younger age. Clearly the technology and modern medicine is not helping.

There are a lot of natural solutions to the modern health problems but they are NOT being promoted as big pharma does not make money from it.

One of the best natural treatments out there is the sunnah treatment called, “Hijama Cupping Therapy”.

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ (PBUH) said: “Hijama Cupping is the most helpful procedure for human beings to cure themselves.” (Al Bukhari # 5357)

This sunnah treatment is so powerful that it can help with any big or small health problem.

Here is a list of some of problems it can easily help with:

  1. Headache
  2. Blood pressure
  3. Asthma
  4. Heart problems
  5. Arthritis
  6. Back pain
  7. Knee pain
  8. Memory problems
  9. Learning behaviors 
  10. Muscular issues
  11. Digestive issues
  12. Fertility issues
  13. Diabetes
  14. Cancer
  15. Etc etc

The list can easily go on and on but for now I just wanted to mention some of the common problems.

Imagine learning the skill of this therapy and being equipped to deal with any of the above problems if it happens in your family. 

Now imagine helping your friends and community at large, dealing with these help problems.

How would you feel to help people in pain?

How much barakah and blessing will you have when these people make dua for you from their heart?

My advice to you would be to learn this skill, whether you choose it as a career or not, so you are always confident that you can handle any health condition with this therapy inshaAllah.

Start A Purposeful Career As A Hijama Cupping Therapist

We are going through tough times right now. Everyone is nervous and scared about their future.

Millions of people are losing their jobs and they don’t know what is going to happen to them after the lock down has been lifted.

Even if you still have a job, are you really passionate about that job?

Does your job make you feel that you have a purpose in life and you are fulfilling your purpose?

Or is it just meant for you to pay your bills?

The solution to the above problems is to get qualified in Hijama Cupping Therapy.

Instead of waiting or procrastinating, invest your time in learning new skills that will help you in different situations after all of this is over.

In that case, what better skill to learn, than a therapy that deals with helping people get healthy from any sickness?

You will be able to have a fulfilling career by helping people. At the end of the day, you will feel satisfied that you are making a difference. 

You will also have a flexible schedule as you can book appointments according to your situation that suits you the best.

How about working in an Islamic environment, if you are uncomfortable working at a place, where you have to compromise your deen?

Moreover, you will be able to earn as much income as you want by increasing your hours at work or by including your spouse or family member into your practice.

In my opinion, this is one of the best careers I can think of for someone who wants to help people, live an Islamic lifestyle and have an impact in society.

Revive A Sunnah And Create Sadaqe Jariyah

By practicing the treatment of Hijama Cupping Therapy, you would be reviving the Sunnah of Hijama, while helping others.

You will also be earning reward for not only reviving the sunnah but also, anyone who you help do good, you will be getting reward for their certain deeds as well, even after you die inshaAllah.

So this is a great opportunity to help people, earn income and earn reward as well.

My advice to you is to enroll in this course to learn Hijama Cupping Therapy without wasting any time.


 The things you will learn in our Holistic Hijama Cupping Diploma Course.


What Will You Learn:

Hijama nation believes in providing high-quality service. During the hijama training course, you will learn the following from our professionals and experienced staff.

  •     The basics of Hijama therapy
  •     Proper techniques of cupping therapy, which at the end of the course, you will master
  •     Advantages of the hijama therapy concerning the medical perspective
  •     You will learn the basics of this ancient and therapeutic art form.
  •     Cupping therapy has several advantages. Learn how it can be used instead of other therapies.
  •     This course will teach you the safe and hygienic ways of practicing Hijama Cupping
  •     Discover scientifically how hijama cupping therapy is used for sports recovery, pain relief and fixing critical health problems



  1. What is Cupping Therapy?
  2. Hijamaology
  3. Types of Cupping Equipment 
  4. History of Hijama Cupping Therapy
  5. How does Hijama work?
  6. Benefits of Hijama
  7. Practical
  8. Online End of Unit Quiz



  1. Islamic Medicine and Humoral Pathology
  2. Introduction to Ruqyah
  3. Hijamaology
  4. Hijamaology and the Lunar Cycle
  5. Women and Hijama

6.Fasting and Hijama

  1. Practical 
  2. Online End of Unit Quiz



  1. Cleansing and Detox
  2. Introduction Vital Organs of the Human Body
  3. Glands of the Human Body
  4. Systems of the Human Body
  5. Functions of blood
  6. Video Tutorials Online
  7. Practical
  8. Online End of Unit Quiz



  1. Client Care
  2. Self Care
  3. Health, Hygiene, Safety Procedures and more
  4. Clinical Best Practice
  5. Business Best Practice
  6. Practical
  7. Online End of Unit Quiz



  1. Hijama Points Theory
  2. HHTS & Diet Cleanse
  3. Cupping Therapy PROCEDURES
  4. Hijama Treatment Plans
  5. Instructional videos & Presentations
  6. Practical
  7. Online End of Unit Quiz



  • Students will choose case studies  to perform Hijama on. 
  • Students will perform the HHTS treatment plans on their clients and record the results.
  • These case studies will include both dry and Hijama wet cupping.
  • These should take up to 3 weeks to complete.


How will you Learn Online

  • The course is online, flexible, self paced and self study.
  • 5 Theory modules and online quizzes
  • Practical training
  • 1 Case Studies Coursework Module
  • 1 Practical Exam
  • 1 Written Exam

Hijama Cupping course, The Best Treatment, and A Forgotten Sunnah

A treatment known as Hijama Cupping Therapy has been practiced for over 5,000 years. The practice spread to many nations around the globe over time, including China, Africa, Russia, the Middle East, Central, and South Asia, Europe, the USA, and the Far East. 


The first written records of its practice date back to the 19th century; the “Ebers Papyrus” originated in Egypt.


After Islam, the prophet (saw) emphasised on health benefits of Hijama Cupping Therapy and called it a best treatment in many ahadith. 


Hijama nation offers a hijama cupping course to help you learn about the forgotten sunnah and find the best therapeutic method to tackle the majority’s issues. 


Hijama Cupping is an excellent form of preventative and curative therapy. Below are some of the ways cupping bits of the help:

Hijama Cupping Therapy essentially detoxifies and cleanses the body by drawing toxic blood from the body. This produces new blood cells and strengthens the immune system. Cupping is also helpful in treating muscular and skeletal issues. 


Here is a list of some of problems it can easily help with:

  1. Headache
  2. Blood pressure
  3. Asthma
  4. Heart problems
  5. Arthritis
  6. Back pain
  7. Knee pain
  8. Memory problems
  9. Learning behaviors 
  10. Muscular issues
  11. Digestive issues
  12. Fertility issues
  13. Diabetes
  14. Cancer
  15. Etc etc

The list can easily go on and on but for now I just wanted to mention some of the common problems.

In this Hijama Cupping course, you will learn more about Hijama Cupping Therapy and how you can become a Hijama Nation certified Hijama Practitioner;


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