The following Case study is from another one of our HNA Students from North London UK who is a Sports Therapist. He has specialized his skill set with Hijama to produce amazing results. His patient was a 55 year old Male who suffered from back pain which was mainly painful in the lower back and sacrum area.
He had a lot of weight in his midsection, which caused a posterior pelvic tilt. He often had sciatic pain down his left leg. He suffered from mild arthritis in hip, fingers, and rips. He relied greatly on subscription drugs to manage the pain. The quality of sleep he was having was very poor.

Lifestyle choices

He was not a very active individual, other than walking regularly for about 30 minutes a day, a few times a week. His diet mainly consisted of carbohydrates foods and not enough green vegetables. He had never tried alternative therapy before. Initially he was reluctant to try Hijama, but was convinced after being educated about it.  


He had a number of Hijama sessions and followed a particular diet, nutrition and exercise program set by his practitioner. His weight was monitored overtime.


The results from the Hijama were remarkable. There was a substantial drop in his perceived pain from the 1st session to the last. He said his pain was almost completely gone by the end of his planned treatment.  He has also lost 3kg in 6 weeks due to the health changes he implemented. 
It was also noticed that his posterior tilt had improved; he was now standing upright and had a little curvature developing in his lower back.  His sciatic pain had completely gone. He felt a lot more energized and his quality of sleep improved.  
He began exercising regularly and has adapted a healthier diet and general lifestyle improvements. He has changed his mind-set on alternatives therapies as he is confident they produce positive results. He does not want to be reliant on pain medication that makes you sicker. 
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