This is a Case Study from one of Hijama Nation’s Student. This student is from Makkah, KSA and is a Radiation Therapist.
Note: Hijama Nation respect their students and their patients’ privacy so we are not declaring any of the names. These are real case studies which have been submitted by our students.        

My name is X and here I am going to relate my story in my own words. I had been suffering of back and cervical pain for a number of years, usually as a result of stress and work. I had to have several physiotherapy sessions to relieve the pain. The pain usually started in the cervical region, down to the back and radiated down the leg. The discomfort was most intense when my body was at rest. I woke up several times during night due to discomfort and pain. I talked to one of friends about my problem who advised me to undertake hijama treatment. He had tried it himself and found it to be very effective for his back pain.
So, I went to my hijama practitioner the following week who performed 3 hijama therapy sessions on me in total; two massaging cupping and 1 fixed cupping, from the head-neck-back to the legs.
After the first massage-cupping session, I started to feel some dizziness, and nausea but these feelings quickly dissipated after liquid intake, coupled with eating a healthy meal.  After this session, I definitely felt that there was some relief of pain. In the subsequent days that followed,  there was an increase in my urine output (as my practitioner advised me to drink lot of water) as well as bowel movement.
After the first session, I found my sleeping patterns changed dramatically. Before the session, I was a very restless sleeper, often waking up numerous times during the night. Now, I was sleeping much better, even managing to sleep on my back with minimal discomfort. I felt a marked increase in my energy levels. As far as my emotional state is concerned, I found that I did have mood swings (becoming irritable at times)- thankfully, this was short-lived.
After the second massage session that followed, I found that I was more relaxed and felt ”lighter’’ emotionally.  I experienced virtually no pain. After, wet cupping session,I did experience some lightheadedness and nausea again, but not to the same extent as the first session. I can truthfully testify that the hijama therapy that I had has had a remarkable impact on my overall health- I physically feel better that I have in years.
Before the treatment, my hijama practitioner explained the whole procedure step by step and she had a lot of patience with me. During the procedure with massage cupping, I felt very relaxed and I felt I could trust her and request her to do wet cupping. We both recited holy verses of the Quran. I felt Allah the Almighty is there to care of me.
I found my hijama practitioner excellent in her work. Her behaviour towards me was compassionate, caring and she had a very good hand that left no scars on my skin. I hardly felt any pain when she scratched me with the surgical blade. It seemed that she had been working with patients for many years. May Allah bless her hand. She made the 16 incisions in good way with a sterile blade. Before it, I was moody, short-tempered and impatient.  I have experience slots of benefits now. I feel that I am a better person now. I am more relaxed and emotionally can control myself. I would like to inform others to come and try Hijama.
My hijama practitioner advised me to have a second session of Hijama  but I have been very busy for last some days and I will take the appointment as soon as possible insha Allah.
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