Here is an interesting case study which was submitted by one of our female students on the Hijama Practitioner Certification Course. She is based in Birmingham, UK.
My patient ‘S’s medical condition is complicated as she is suffering from different diseases at the same time. She is on medication for Anemia and Thyroidism. She is also taking some anti-depressants due to problems in her personal life. She is divorced so she faces sometimes anxiety attacks as well. She has also developed a habit of increased smoking due to her everyday stress.

My Treatment Plan:
Initial Treatment: Fixed, Moving and Wet cupping on back and legs
Long-term Treatment Plan: Wet, Fixed and Moving cupping
Specific Points according to Illness: Thyroid, Anemia, Back and Legs
Session 1: I performed fixed, moving and Hijama wet cupping on the patients upper back on the Kahil area. I also discussed a change to her dietary habits.
Session 2: After reviewing 1st session, ‘S’ told me that she is feeling a little better and having some peace of mind. I did moving and fixed cupping to get her body used to detoxification and Hijama process.
Session 3: Before the session started, ‘S’ told me that her pain in legs and back had decreased much so I repeated session 2 again in this session.
Session 4: Session 3 brought a good change in her mood and temperament as she was feeling much lighter and less stressed than before. I did moving and fixed cupping on her specific points of pain.
Session 5: I did moving and fixed cupping again in this session.
Session 6: I performed a combination of fixed, moving and Hijama wet cupping in this session on all tension and pain points.
My Patient ‘S’s Evaluation after Hijama Treatment:
The patient told me that she is feeling lighter and her depression has decreased a lot. Her sleep patterns are much better than before so she is not taking any pills any more to reduce her stress. She says her pain has also reduced by 80%  and she is feeling improvement in her skin and her face has brightened up. The patient wants to have some more Hijama treatments in near future.

I hope this helps you as I know there are many people who suffer from anxiety or depression on a daily basis! Hijama really does help you feel fresher, lighter, energised and positive. You should try it to reduce your stress levels, insha’allah.
Please leave comments below and share it with your family and friends, so they can benefit as well insha Allah.

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