Hijama Points For Acne And Skin Conditions.

Assalamualaikum, Are you having hormonal changes? Is your skin producing abnormal sebum? Do you feel uncomfortable because of the inflammation and pus? Is acne spreading on your body as well? Do you suffer from sudden flare-ups? Are you taking steroid medicines? These conditions are an early stage of acne which can lead to papules, pustules, […]

Why Should Hijama Be My First Treatment?

The following case study is from one of our Graduates Brother Denial Durmisevi a Male Nurse from Bosnia and Herzegowina. He is a Certified HNA Hijama Practitioner (CHP) and producing great results. His patient was a 45 year old male with excruciating back pain. His patient had a number of treatments from the hospital but […]

Hijama helping lower Diabetes medication and ease back pain

The following is a case study from one of our recently enrolled students. Her patient was a 46 year old lady with diabetes and back pain. She did not regularly exercise. Her diet mainly consisted of oily fried food, high in protein and carbohydrates. She drank little water and more diet soda or juice. Her […]

I became Pregnant after Hijama!

The following are testimonials from two of our HNA Hijama Therapists talking about how their patients who were struggling to become pregnant for many years had Hijama done and now have a child. SubhnaAllah! We all know Hijama is powerful tool, we just need to have faith in the treatment he has provided for Our Ummah, Allah […]

Meet Our HNA Students!

HIJAMA NATION Students share their experiences with us about why they decided to become a Hijama Practitioner and why they chose Hijama Nation. They also tell us about studying the HNA Accredited Higher Diploma in Hijama Cupping Therapy. To enrol on the course, click here.   This is Sr Arshiya from East London. She is […]

How Hijama can help lose weight

Do you struggle to lose weight? The following is a case study from one of our recent Graduates; Dr Asma from Lahore, Pakistan. Her patient; NM is a 20 years old female who suffers from obesity and painful menstruation. NM weighs 174 lbs and a height of 5 ft 2”, with a of  BMI 31 […]

Something special coming your way…

We have something very very special coming very soon… Alhumdulillah, Ramadhan is approaching fast and as a gift. We are giving all our viewers, subscribers, students and graduates an awesome SURPRISE GIFT….can you guess what it could be? (Clue: It’s going to be fun, beneficial and inspiring for you)   Please click on the link below […]

Is money bad?

Asslaamoalaykum Dear Brothers and Sisters, This message is quite a sensitive topic in the Muslim community and especially in the Hijama community. This article is bit controversial as it talks about the importance of money in general and in our case, as a Hijama practitioner in specific. There are some ahadith that talk about not […]

Hijama Treatment For Long Term Sports Injury

HIJAMA TREATMENT FOR DAMAGED NERVE AND BONE ON TOE JA is a healthy 41 year old male. He is active and looks after his health and body. He has had chronic pain in his big toe since a sports injury for the last 8 years which affected his quality of life. He has had trouble […]

Happy Sheikh after Hijama for Diabetes!

Alhumdulillah, yet another successful case study from one of Certified Graduates in Australia. She treated her patient for Type 2 Diabetes, High Cholesterol and numbness and tingling in his hands. She had very positive results and shared them with us.   NAME: Hussein Abu Gharib          Age: 49yr old Male     […]