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Hijama For Tuberculosis (TB)

Here is the story of one of our new students from Pakistan. She decided to take our course after she got cleared of Tuberculosis (TB) using Hijama. Please leave your feedback in the comments area.
I am a 24 year old female from Karachi, Pakistan and I have recently done my high school degree in telecommunication engineering.
When I was a student, I was eager to work in professional environment as an engineer, but Allah swt ‘s decision for me was something else. I was diagnosed with Tuberculosis during my last year of studies. I was seriously sick and got a little operation of Chest tube insertion. This ended in a severe health conditions.. After eight months of medication and even after CT insertion, my muscles were as weak as of a kid  as you can imagine.
One of my Aunts ( May Allah bless her) introduced me to Hijama when I was totally on bed rest. She took me to a hijama clinic here in Karachi. Alhamdulillah, I got hijama performed regularly for my problems and just after 6 months, I was all okay. All medical reports were clear.
Journey to Health:
My journey to healing is very fast Alahmdulillah. In my first session I was treated with only one point (sunnah point on back b/w the shoulders) because I was so weak that time after CT insertion and medications. Believe me, that was my first night after five months (my period of illness) that I had relaxed sleep during whole night. No muscle pain, no fever, no restlessness …nothing at all . And when I woke up in the morning, I was feeling that some burden and pressure has been taken away from my back and shoulders and legs. I was all free. All relaxed, all happy, no off moods. And this condition sustained for a week.
After one month, my second appointment date came that was a lunar date too. I was applied with 4 points in total. Two on each lung sides. Two on the front  just below each shoulder. Blood that came out in the first session was blackish red, but now there was a slight difference in color. I was relaxed more after the second one. Then the sessions continued for 6 months and number of sessions were 10 in total. Now, it was easy for me to do SAJDAH (for salah) easily (after operation it was a painful time to perform salah properly). Shortness of  breath was immediately controlled and climbing up stairs was no more a Herculean task, Alhamdulillah.
And the good “side effects” included:
The anxiety that occurred after long period of illness was now controlled. I had positive thinking and positive feelings were boosted amazingly. Lower back pain was controlled. No more constipation. Acne problem controlled. I joined my high school again after a semester break and completed my degree in good health state,  Alhamdulillahi rabbil alameen. 
Now I m passing a healthy life by the grace of Allah. I regularly go for hijama every month as it is an obstacle against diseases too Alhamdulillah.
One interesting story is when my lungs xray was all okay after six month but  3 more months medication course was left. I showed my xray to my surgeon. He became very excited that medicines worked very well. I told him that I got Hijama sessions regularly  and did not use the medicines.
At once he flared up and yelled at me;
“Girl, you are a serious patient, don’t you know? Why are you doing experiments with your life?”
I convinced him a lot saying different point regarding Hijama. He said “Okay! I will research it”. On my next visit when I asked him he said,” I have suggested this treatment for my wife too. She has some severe problem of this this and this “(which I don’t remember now!)
You can see the powerful results and how Hijama can literally change people’s lives. This sister has enrolled on the course because of her own experience and conviction. We want you to help us change other’s lives by becoming a Qualified Hijama Practitioner with us.
Our 35% offer ends April 29th, 2014. Please click in this link to find out more http://HijamaNation.com/hijamacourselaunch
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  1. subhan allah subhanallah
    Isnt it amazing that you can treat Tuberculosis with hijama. It clearlly proves that this is indeed a divine method of treatment. what more proof do we need?
    I have myself worked in the TB senatorium at kotri and have seen patients suffering with TB taking medications in monthly regimens for years altogether and still suffer not mainly because of the side effects of DOT therapy (anti TB drugs) but also the issue of complaince by the patients. (skippig treatment ).
    The concept of “good” side effects is new! I have heard this term for the very first time and its amazing:)
    I personally believe that all the baraka and shifa lies in this treatment because it is a Sunnah. and this is enough for me. Merely putting the cups on sunnah points, and doing hijama, following the sunnah, The shifa lies in just following the sunnah, It doesn’t matter how much amount of blood or what color it is, there is nothing but shifa in the cup of hijama, Subhanallah.

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