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Hijama for Parkinson's Disease

Here is a case study from one of our students who treated a Parkinson’s patient.
“My client has suffered from Parkinson’s Disease for many years, taking prescribed drugs thinking that nothing else will bring him relief. He was forced to retire due to this disease. 

When I first met him several weeks ago, he could barely move. He had very stiff joints and found it difficult to even clothe himself.

After the 2nd treatment, he told me that he was more energetic and could do more housework continuously. 

After only 4 sessions of treatment, he‎ said that he has so much more movement in his body since this disease struck him. I watched in amazement as he showed how flexible he was compared to pre-Hijama. He told me that no amount of drugs could make him feel how he felt today, alhumdulillah! 

I have done a full ‎body detox on him over a 6 week period and also incorporated the points for high blood pressure, these were the two main things that he suffered from.

Prior to meeting him, he was just about to sign up to acupuncture therapy and had no good things to say about Hijama. He had had a bad experience with hijama in another country and couldn’t stop telling me that it was useless. I found out that he had only undertaken one session many years ago and didn’t rate the practitioner as very professional. 

On a side note, I think we, as practitioners of Hijama have to fight this notion that hijama is a quick fix alternative to medicine. More often than not, people will lose patience if they do not see immediate results after one session and they don’t give this therapy the same chance as medicines (that are to be taken for the rest of your life!). We should explain to our clients that to see an effect, several sessions should be booked over the course of a few weeks instead of just having one-off sessions here and there. 

Anyway, after talking him through the procedure and after he sat through a session that I did for his son, he wanted to try a session; and he could not be more happier with this decision alhamdulillah! 

He could see the professionalism that I undertook throughout the session with his son and after quashing a few misconceptions, he was ready to commit to being one of my case studies.

I’m glad I had a chance to help this person. In the beginning, he seemed like a very frustrated man who couldn’t smile much. But over the weeks, I have witnessed his attitude changing to a much more positive one! Alhamdulillah.  ( Mujahid, Oxford, U.K.)”

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  1. Salam
    I am living in Karachi Defence ,yearsmy father is suffering from Parkinson disease since many years, need your guidance for hijama therapy.

    1. Assalamualaikum,
      Let’s revive the sunnah of prophet Muhammad PBUH.


      Hijama Nation is an Online Teaching and Training Academy based in the UK.

      All our courses are online so you can enrol from any part of the world.

      There are 3 different packages that we offer for our Level 5 Accredited Higher Diploma in Hijama Cupping Therapy. It’s a professional course so you can start your working as a Certified Hijama Practitioner.

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      HN Team.

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