One of my friends has been having a shoulder pain after injuring his shoulder in the gym. He has been suffering from a lot of pain. His doctor told him that he will have to have surgery. He is also a diabetes patient. We have been making appointment to treat his shoulder but did not get to come up with a time that suited both of us.
Finally, I booked him in and treated him. I treated him on the upper back for sunnah points and his shoulder for his shoulder pain.
Before the treatment, his sugar level was 9.3 or 168. Right after the treatment, it dropped 1 point to 8.6 or 155. After only 1 treatment, he stopped noticing his shoulder pain and his sugar level decreased as well.
Hijama is an amazing treatment that helps on multiple levels. In this case, it helped reduce the pain in the shoulder as well has helped with diabetes.
Our goal is help as many people learn this treatment, so they can have it available to the brothers and sisters who need it. Until next time.

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