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Happy Sheikh after Hijama for Diabetes!

Alhumdulillah, yet another successful case study from one of Certified Graduates in Australia. She treated her patient for Type 2 Diabetes, High Cholesterol and numbness and tingling in his hands. She had very positive results and shared them with us.
numb hands
NAME: Hussein Abu Gharib          Age: 49yr old Male     Profession: Sheikh              
“Mr. Hussein has been suffering from Diabetes for over ten years. I have taken Hussein’s fasting blood sugar level today and found it to be a high 11.3 (healthy range being 4-6). Hussein complains of having poor circulation in both his hands and fingers. Patient does not smoke or drink and works from home so his movement is limited. I have decided to follow the three-week plan as per HNA, whilst combining the use of MC and DC for areas where Hussein feels tingling and numbing due to his high Diabetes.
  OBSERVATIONS DURING SESSION 1:                     Date:6/1/14
 Patient is familiar with hijamah therefore enjoyed it and was very relaxed. Patient is excited with the prospect of lowering both sugar and cholesterol levels. Sunnah points 1 and 55 were very dark once removed. I advised Hussein to apply olive oil to the area for three consecutive days or until completely healed. Hussein feels slightly dizzy but after giving him some honey water he feels fine and was able to go home. Hussein is optimistic about his next visit.
OBSERVATIONS DURING SESSION 2:                      Date:13/1/14
Hussein feels good having performed WC only one week ago. Marks on his back are still very visible but are turning bluish-yellow and fading. I performed both wet and dry cups in all the diabetic spots keeping an eye on Hussein making sure he was not feeling dizzy or ill like at his previous appointment.
 OBSERVATIONS DURING SESSION 3:                     Date:20/1/14
Another week has passed and Hussein’s sugar level measured an amazing 7.8 today . He told me that he hadn’t seen it that low for quite some time. Hussein has been feeling a massive improvement when it comes to the sensations on the tips of his fingers. His frequent urination has also improved. Todays DC and WC were aimed at the tingling and numbing area of his arms.
 OBSERVATIONS DURING SESSION 4:                    Date:3/2/14
Today I aimed Hussein’s session on whole body circulation. Ten cups were placed along his spine. I then WC Diabetes spots 6,7,8,22,23,24,25 and 49. Hussein felt that he had run a marathon. I gave him some zamzam water to drink and a sweet orange to raise his sugar level.
 OBSERVATIONS DURING SESSION 5 :                   Date:17/2/14
My patient felt a major improvement after last weeks dry and wet cupping. He admitted that all aspects of his life had improved since and felt that he was now unclogged. I performed more DC to his mid-back area and down his RT and LT arm to help promote blood circulation to the area.
 OBSERVATIONS DURING SESSION 6 :                  Date: 3/3/14
 Hussein’s overall health has greatly improved. Today we measured his sugar level, which was a healthy 5.6, which was a massive 5.7 drop. He has gained complete sensation to the tips of his fingers and is feeling like a new man. I have recommended that Hussein continue to change his eating habits and to incorporate a daily exercise routine to continue his way to a healthier lifestyle”.
Isn’t this amazing? Another happy patient, Alhumdulillah! May ALLAH swt continue to grant him shifaah, ameen. I hope you are benefiting from our amazing case studies and treatment plans.
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Duas and Best wishes, 

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