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Why Become a Hijama Practitioner?

Sadly, there are so many people sick in the world and more and more people are getting sicker every day. Is modern medicine helping? Not really! They give you a pill to cover up the symptoms but the disease keeps increasing and the amount of pills keeps increasing.
So what is the solution? Hijama is the solution. Hijama gets rid of almost all short term and long-term problems. For some problems, you need only 2-3 treatments and for some, you need a long-term treatment plan, alongside lifestyle changes.
The big issue is that most people don’t know that Hijama is a solution. The ones who do find out about it cannot find a qualified Practitioner to treat them.
So how can this problem be solved? Very simple! More people need to become a Hijama Practitioner. Especially if you are sick yourself or someone you want to help is sick. If you wait for others to learn Hijama and become Hijama Practitioners, you might keep waiting.
As many of us, Hijama is one of very strong sunnah. Hijama is so important that on the night journey, when Prophet Mohammad (saw) went on Isra and Mairaj, He was ordered to establish Hijama in his Ummah, by every Angel he came across.
Imagine…something that is so important, that our Prophet (saw) was ordered to establish…and most of us do not even know about it! How do you feel about that? Would you say that we have some kind of responsibility to revive this important sunnah?
So how can we establish this forgotten sunnah? By taking it up as a career. You cannot accomplish much in life without focussing on it. If you don’t think of taking up Hijama as a career, then no one else might either. Plus, you should be leader, not a follower. You should decide to establish it in your locality, insha Allah.
So what added benefits will you get by taking Hijama as a full time career, other than reviving the forgotten sunnah?

  • You will help people relieve their pain. This will give barakah in your life, income and help you to attain Jannah, insha Allah.
  • You will have a career in a booming industry of natural health.
  • You can have flexibility of work around your family and other commitments.
  • You will earn a good income in this life and sadaqai jariya in aakhira insha Allah.
  • You will have a fulfilling life, that will give you sense of accomplishment

Now you have learnt the importance and the benefits of practicing Hijama. Now, it is time to make a decision to become a Hijama Practitioner. To learn about our Online Hijama Diploma Course, please email us info@HijamaNation.com
May Allah give you toufeeq to do what is best for you and the Ummah. Ameen.

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