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Islamic Medicine…Integrative and Holisitic

The core of the Islamic Belief system is that there is only One Allah SWT and Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) is his Final Messenger. Allah SWT is omnipotent and all-powerful. Thus, the premise of Islamic Medicine regarding sickness and medicine is that Allah SWT is in fact, the Giver of sickness, Giver of cures and the Ultimate Healer as opposed to doctors and medicines. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has told us that there is a cure for every disease except death, so we should seek medicines and cures. We are just expected to remember that it is not the remedy that is healing us, but Allah SWT that is doing so. Further, as Muslims, we should know that remedies to cures have been divinely revealed. This is in contrast to remedies being discovered by man through trial, error and experimentations as in other cultures such as the Greeks, Chinese and even modern Western Scientists. Today, many illnesses are considered to have “no cure” such as cancer, yet Allah SWT has told us that there is a cure for every disease;
“For every Disease, there is a cure so if the medicine comes upon the disease it cures it by the will of Allah, the Most High”. [Sahih Muslim #2204]
Islamic Medicine is comprised of all of the factors shown below.

ALLAH (SWT) Angels“I did not pass by an angel from the angels on the night journey except that they all said to me; ‘Upon you is Hijama cupping, O Muhammad’”(Saheeh Bin Maajah # 3477.)
Muhammad (PBUH) and Sunnah Prophetic Medicine or Tibb un Nabawi.
Eeman & Tawheed Quran recitations, Salaat, Duas, Zhikr.
Medicines Hijama Cupping Therapy, Black seed, Honey.
Diet Sunnah foods, Sunnah Herbs, exercise.
External factors Seasons & weather, environment & pollution, medications, surgery, toxins and chemicals.
Metaphysical Shaytaan, Jinns, Black magic and envy (evil eye).

Hijama Cupping Therapy is just one portion of Islamic Medicine, but a very strong portion. Hijama is the recommended treatment when we get sick.
‘He (pbuh) also said that on the night of Israa,
(his ascension to the heavens) he (pbuh) did not pass by an angel except that it said to him, “Oh Muhammad, order your Ummah (nation) with cupping (hijama).’ [Saheeh Sunan Tirmidhee (3479)]

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