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Is money bad?

Asslaamoalaykum Dear Brothers and Sisters,
This message is quite a sensitive topic in the Muslim community and
especially in the Hijama community.
This article is bit controversial as it talks about the importance of money
in general and in our case, as a Hijama practitioner in specific.
There are some ahadith that talk about not charging money for Hijama and
because of that Hijama practitioners feel guilty to charge money for Hijama.
To clarify this issue we approached some scholars from around the world.
We gathered three different fatwas from three different countries in three
different languages. These all allowed you to be able to charge money for Hijama.
Logically, it does not make sense to charge money for providing the service of
Hijama. However as a Hijama Cupping Practitioner you need to spend time and
money to learn the skill. Then you need your membership cost, your equipment
cost, your time, your knowledge and your skill.
So if you do not charge to cover your expenses and your time, knowledge and skill, you will go broke. If you go broke, you won’t be able to pay your bills and you will have to find another job to make money to pay your bills.
And if you have another job to pay your bills, then you won’t have time to practice Hijama and provide the much needed service that only few of us are providing anyway.
We want to encourage all of the Hijama practitioners to be able to provide this
service on a full time bases. You won’t believe how many emails we receive from
people who are suffering from different ailments and they are not able to find a
Hijama practitioner near them.
So if you are one of the people, who cannot find a practitioner near you, why not
become a qualified practitioner yourself and provide this amazing service to your community, earn halal income, serve people, help others relieve their pain and be
part of reviving the forgotten sunnah of Hijama.
To further elaborate on the issue of guilt about money, watch this video by
Shaykh Mohammad Alshreef. In this video, the shaykh gives you references from Quran, Hadith and Sahab’s life, to prove how having money and making money is not a bad thing. Infact, how you can use money to earn Jannah.
I have taken quite a few courses by the Shaykh and it has helped with my mindset about money. In fact, one of the reasons we are able to provide this service to so many Muslims around the world is because of the mindset from Mohammad Alshareef.
I hope you benefitted from this and I got to remove some of your doubts about choosing Hijama as a career, charging for Hijama treatment. The goal should not be to make money but to serve people. The more people your serve and the more value you add in other’s lives, the more prosperous you are going to be insha Allah. As you will receive the money that is already written for you.
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Muddassar Raja

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