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How Hijama can help lose weight

Do you struggle to lose weight?
The following is a case study from one of our recent Graduates; Dr Asma from Lahore, Pakistan. Her patient; NM is a 20 years old female who suffers from obesity and painful menstruation.
NM weighs 174 lbs and a height of 5 ft 2”, with a of  BMI 31 (obese). NM was an obese child in her teenage years. She had severe pain during her menstrual periods which lead her to take painkillers. NM has tried many diets and “healthy” eating regimes yet still has poor eating habits and she does not exercise because she feels she cannot.
NM had a 6 week treatment program. She was encouraged to do moving cupping at home regularly along with diet and lifestyle changes.
She was educated on how to distinguish good fats from bad ones and calculate amount of fats in any food she consumed. She was permitted 10gm saturated fat per day and at least 20 gm unsaturated fats.  
During her first session, she was given a full Hijama detox. Throughout the next few sessions she had dry and moving cupping and was encouraged further diet changes such as increase water intake, limiting daily saturated fat intake, avoiding processed and boxed foods. She introduced Spirulina and chlorella, flaxseeds pumpkin seeds and walnut into her diet too.
During the last 2 session’s time frame, she began fasting on the Sunnah days to support the detox process. On her latest session she had another full Hijama detox and continued with her diet and lifestyle changes. 
Patient NM lost over 9 pounds during a 2 months period.  She had a “healthy” weight of 135 pounds (BMI 24). She is happier, energetic, and feels more positive about herself.
Below are her before and after treatment pictures:
Can you see the difference?
Weight 1Weight 2
BEFORE                             AFTER
Below is a graph to show the comparison of patient’s weight before and after Hijama.
Weight scale 4
Results also showed her blood circulation had improved. Her toilet visits had become regular.  Before treatment she did not exercise as she felt she could not. But now her activity level has increased as she feels she is able to carry on longer periods of exercises with reduced fatigue. Although she didn’t exercise during the therapy, she feels “she can do it now” and has decided to supplement at least a 3 times a week of ½ hour workout/yoga sessions to her daily schedule.
Also during her last menses, she did not experience pain as usually she did. All in all you can see her treatment had changed her mind set and lifestyle choices towards better health.
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  1. Assalaam. I am a doctor in Medicine and did my post graduation in Forensic Pathology. I moved to Canada 3 years back. I would like to practice Hijama. Can I follow the course online and be certified. Thank you.

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