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Meet Our HNA Students! - Hijama Nation

Meet Our HNA Students!

HIJAMA NATION Students share their experiences with us about why they decided to become a Hijama Practitioner and why they chose Hijama Nation. They also tell us about studying the HNA Accredited Higher Diploma in Hijama Cupping Therapy. To enrol on the course, click here.

This is Sr Arshiya from East London. She is a Mother and Contracts Manager. She tells us how she discovered hijama and tells us why she enrolled with HNA.

This is Sister Samar from Newcastle, UK. She is an Artist, Tailor and Certified Hijama Practitioner. She just graduated recently and shares her experience of studying hijama with HNA.

Sister Wajiha from East London is a Dentist. She recently started the course and tells us how she is finding studying islamic medicine compared to western medicine.

Sr Sondoss just moved from France to UK to practice Hijama. She has submitted her case studies coursework and is now ready for her final practical exam…make dua she passes and graduates the course to become a Certified Hijama Practitioner!

Sr Haya is a Beautician and has her own salon in Walthamstow, London, UK. She joined HNA to complete her hijama diploma as many of her beauty clients also requested hijama therapy. She decided to expand her business services and revive the sunnah of hijama too. (@hayashairandbeauty)

Sr Ghazala is a law professional from Halifax. She had hijama performed on herself and decided she wanted to help benefit the community. She enrolled and now wishes to change her career from Law to Islamic Medicine.

Sister Fatima from Holland shares how she benefitted from Hijama herself, and then decided to learn hijama to help others. She wishes to revive the sunnah of hijama.

Sister Sahra Umm Maryam of Hijaama Boutique, East London is a Mother, Project Manager and Hijama Practitioner. She has almost finished the course. She shares her experience of studying the HNA online diploma, benefiting others and reviving the sunnah.

Sr Attiya is a Mother and has a background in computer science. She learned hijama to help her family but now wishes to further her studies and excel in her field. She enrolled with HNA to become certified and practice hijama at the highest standards.

Sister Noreen from East London enrolled on the HNA diploma course with her two sisters to learn hijama at the highest level and help others.

If you are someone who is looking to become a Hijama Practitioner and have some questions, please email us at info@HijamaNation.com.
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