Here is an awesome case study completed by one of our students in Sydney, Australia. Her patient suffered from infertility, so she tells us about the treatment plan and phenomenal results!


NAME: M  26yr old, Female.                                           Date:3/12/13 
“M is a beautiful young lady aged 26 who has been married now for about 5 yrs. She has been unsuccessful at present to fall pregnant. She and her husband have performed countless tests and nowhere have they found a problem. I have explained to M the many happy stories that we have been blessed to be a part of with regards to fertility Hjamah. I feel it is very important that one remains hopeful always and never give up trying and asking Allah for what they really want. I pray that Allah blesses them with a beautiful happy and healthy pious child. Ameen.
 I have decided to create a special Fertility treatment plan for M that I have found to be very effective on previous women with the same presenting issues. I have also advised M to ask her Husband to perform Hijamah during this time as well. I would like M to first perform the general Hijamah to her upper body. Then on the 2nd or 3rd day of her menstrual cycle I will ask M to come in so that we may perform the Fertility hijamah on her. If there is still no pregnancy then I will ask her to come in the following month on the 17th, 19th , 21st of the Islamic lunar month. I will repeat these steps for 3 consecutive months if needed unless she falls pregnant beforehand Inshallah.
I will start with minimum hijamah first and assess her reactions and tolerance. I will also be doing Ruqyah recitation on her during all her sessions and encourage her to recite with me able so that this may help her overall well-being mentally, physically and spiritually Inshallah.
 OBSERVATIONS DURING SESSION 1:         Date:3/12/13
M arrived into the treatment room looking very anxious and nervous for her first session. However as I explained to her how the treatment works and the benefits it will bring her, she became more relaxed and comfortable. M was unfamiliar with this type of treatment but had heard from others how beneficial hijamah was so she decided to give it a shot. Today I started with some gentle MC to her upper back and shoulders to warm her up and to introduce her to cupping .This went well. I then proceeded to put 2 cups on points 1 &55. She did not like the feeling and said they felt too tight though I had only used 1-2 suction pumps. I realized that she was very afraid so I calmed her down and we recited some Quran and then she was not in any more pain.
 PATIENT FEEDBACK: Though M was initially very scared to start off with she quickly realized that there was actually no pain and stated with a smile once we finished that it didn’t even hurt her. Patient felt fine and no dizziness or complications occurred Ilhamdiallah.
 OBSERVATIONS DURING SESSION 2:           Date:24/12/13
 Ilhamdiallah luck is in M favour as the second day of her menstrual cycle also fell on the 21st of the Islamic Month. Today I performed quite a few wet and dry cups on M to both the front and back of her body. M general health is very good Ilhamdiallah, so I wasn’t afraid of her getting a bad reaction to the Amount of cups used but took great caution anyways and everything went smoothly. All blood looked fine in appearance except for point 55 which was quite thick and very dark in color. I have asked M to come and see me on the 2nd day of her next menstrual cycle if no pregnancy has occurred.
 OBSERVATIONS DURING SESSION 3:            Date:20/1/14
Though M morale was a little low as she had not fallen pregnant I explained to her that it was only because the fact that Allah had not willed for it to happen just yet. I also explained to her that she was twice lucky to perform hijamah on sunnah dates and periods falling on same time. I asked her not to lose hope and to continue with Hijamah and to make lots of Dua. Ilhmdiallah today I repeated the same process as last time but I did not use points 41 & 42 as this was a little uncomfortable for her last month. Spot 55 looked normal in appearance today. No complications occurred
 OBSERVATIONS DURING SESSION 4:           Date: 25/2/14
M walked in to see me today holding a massive chocolate cake. After only 2 months of hijamah M is 4 weeks pregnant. Allahu Akbar what fantastic news! Tabarak Allah. Verily Allah is able to do all things.
choc cake
Mahshallah, what wonderful results, after just 3 sessions of Hijama! It proves the mercy and power of the Almighty,  and shows us the effects of Hijama! If you are suffering from similar issues, please do try Hijama out.
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