The following is a case study from one of our HNA Students from Bahrain, she is producing great results with her patients Alhamdulilah. Below is a summary of the case study:
Health Concern
She treated a 42 year old Male with general body aches and fatigue, excruciating pain in left scapula (shoulder), pain the back of legs and sleeplessness and constant negative mood and depressive symptoms. He was on many anti-depressants.
He had a number of Hijama sessions and was encouraged to have a healthier lifestyle through diet such as consuming Sunnah foods and being more physically active.
Throughout his sessions, he felt relaxed, he felt his belief that he will get better was strengthened, His moods became happier and the pain in his left scapula became manageable.
Patient testimonial
‘’I am very satisfied with the results, I feel I am addicted to Hijama because my body feels so relaxed, and I have stopped taking my anti-depressants’’
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