Are you suffering from pelvic pain?

Have you skipped your periods for more than three months without any medical reason?

Are you having skin issues like acne recently? 

Have you noticed excessive hair growth on your face?

Are you experiencing hair loss?

Do you have occasional headaches?

These might be symptoms of Amenorrhea. Get yourself diagnosed by your GP.

Consult a Certified Hijama Practitioner.

Amenorrhea (uh-men-o-REE-uh) is the absence of menstruation, often defined as missing one or more menstrual periods.

Primary amenorrhea refers to the absence of menstruation in someone who has not had a period by age 15. The most common causes of primary amenorrhea relate to hormone levels, although anatomical problems also can cause amenorrhea.

Following reasons might be root causes of Paused periods.

There are also lots of other reasons periods can stop.

Genetic factors can include having a:

Lifestyle factors can include:

Hormonal factors can include:

Some medications can cause changes in your hormone balance, causing amenorrhoea. This can include:

Hijama Cupping Therapy can help get rid of root causes of many diseases, including Paused periods.

Amenorrhea is a condition in which menstruation is absent during the reproductive period of women. It is not considered to be a disease, and it does not mean that a woman is infertile, but it can be a sign of a severe issue that needs immediate attention. 

Always design a detailed Hijama treatment plan according to the medical history of the client.

Hijama Nation would advise the following important Hijama points for Paused periods or Amenorrhea.

Hijama can be very helpful for women who experience premenstrual syndrome .

Hijama cupping therapy can have a positive effect for Paused periods or issues related to menstruation, especially around the uterus, lower back, and thighs.

Hijama Wet Cupping can have many benefits for fertility, such as: Improving blood circulation and oxygen delivery to the reproductive organs. Stimulating ovulation and implantation in women. Enhancing sperm quality and motility in men.

Hijama may improve the quality and quantity of eggs, regulate hormones, and increase blood flow to the reproductive organs. Hijama therapy can reduce symptoms related to menopause health issues.

Hijama Cupping therapy is one of the oldest and most effective methods of releasing the toxins from body tissue and organs.

Amenorrhea is mostly due to having too much or too little body fat. 

Hijama Nation would advise:

Maintaining a healthy weight as it can help lower the chances of complications. 

Prepare an eating and workout plan but do not overexert your body. 

Avoid rapid transformation in weight.

Lower your stress levels.

Perform deep-breathing exercises, yoga and medication.

Perform regular Ruqyah.

Consult a Certified Hijama Practitioner, who can design detailed Hijama treatment plans for you.

Try home remedies like pineapple, apple cider vinegar, turmeric, ginger and papaya. These foods may help to warm up the body naturally and regulate the client’s internal cycle.

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Adeela Aaiesha (CHP)

Hijama Coach.

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  1. Thank you so much! I have lichen sclerosus and suffer from pain around my hips and upper legs a lot. Are these points to be used for that as well?

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