“I have been blessed with the opportunity to share with you the positive effects Hijama has had on me. Having battled with chronic skin abscesses for a number of years, I became a constant visitor to my Doctor’s. Antibiotics and Surgery was my only remedy, and even then I was told there was no permanent cure. I fell dependant on antibiotics and painkillers. The negative effect on my health was evident. I was constantly lethargic and was not happy with life in general. I was full of despair, and started smoking to alleviate the stress. Being a Muslim and turning to Cigarettes for support, instead of my faith and parents, I knew my life had to change. It was then that I was introduced to Hijama by a family friend, and so I pursued my own research into it. I found a number of clinics that practiced Hijama. But the one that struck out to me Alhumdulillah was the one practiced by Hijama Nation. Instantly I booked an appointment and travelled to the clinic the following week. I felt apprehensive and I was not sure that I had made the right decision at first, but when I met the practitioner the apprehension disappeared. During the consultation I was made to feel comfortable and, I knew I had made the right decision by coming.
In the first session, The goal was for me to really connect with Hijama and for the practitioner to really get to know me and my background, and to surface any issues that could have possibly aided the skin infection. The practitioner started with the wet cupping, concentrating on different parts of the body to see how I would get on with it. The aim was to remove all the bad toxins within my system that could have been a contributing factor. Having seen all the poison being removed from my body was a relief, but also a step towards me finally being healed. I felt immensely relaxed during the session, and the recitation of the Quran in the background was very soothing. After the session was complete, I felt instant gratification and a strange feeling of euphoria came over me and I felt very fresh. Throughout the week and the run up to my next session a week later, I still felt revived. Because I had been taking antibiotics for such a long period of time, my immune system was shattered. This resulted in more abscesses and my body not being able to fight the incoming infections. Other minor ailments such as, the cold and flu was becoming extremely difficult to get over. I also feel might lighter, in the sense that I do not any longer feel bloated and constipated. As I already had issues with my immune system, I also began developing constipation, to the point that I was constipated on a daily basis.
Alhumdulillah, Hijama has been such a beautiful experience. Since I have received the treatment, my outlook on life has changed pretty dramatically. I am more calm, and I feel at peace with myself. I have also become confident and a lot more comfortable within my own skin. Because I have incorporated Salah into my daily routine, I have discovered that I am a happier individual. Since the Hijama and the positive energy that has surrounded me, I have received good news constantly, such as being invited to an interview for a position that I have wanted for such a long time. Because of Hijama and the removal of bad energy from my body, and the guidance and support from Allah.
I became more connected to my faith and Alhumdulillah I have been offering my Salah and have been turning to Allah for his guidance and support. Instead of smoking excessively, but also refraining from going cold Turkey, I have cut down the amount that I smoke to just one a day. Alhumdulillah this method of cutting down has only worked by inducing the worshipping of Allah into my stress levels”.
More to come after Session 2….
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