This a case study by one of our students. The student is from Nelson, UK
I am a Hijama Therapist and my name is ‘’X’. Today, I am going to narrate my own cousin’s  story whom I know since my childhood. My cousin is a 37 years old married male, living with his wife and 2 kids.
The Problem
My cousin has been a personal coach, helping long-term unemployed people to find a job. He has been quite healthy up to around 10 years ago, then his health started to seriously deteriorate. As he is my cousin, I know a lot of his personal situation without asking him.
Although, during consultation he has mentioned that stress from his job, family problems, and caring for disabled relatives, all has seriously affected his own health. There is also evidence of metaphysical activity on him and his household. His wife had a stillborn baby a few years ago, and this also has had a great effect on his mental health as well as that of his wife.
He is overweight (19 stones), easily catches infections and does not sleep well at all. He also broke some bones in his right hand when he was involved in a fight about 10 years ago. The doctors have not been able to repair his hand, which is still swollen to this day, and causes moderate pain.
His diet is poor, consisting of lots of fast food and sugary foods, and very little exercise. He is currently being monitored for Diabetes Type 2. He has suffered many lung infections (at least once a year) and has been on several courses of antibiotics and pain killers, and finally has been referred to a specialist who diagnosed him with Pneumonia with a blockage in one of the lobes in his lungs. He has been off work almost 6 months recovering from Pneumonia.   

The Treatment
In the first two sessions, I performed hijama for the Pneumonia, third session for Diabetes, and last three sessions for general health. In all sessions, the blood flow was initially slow, but a lot of blood was removed. It was close to the maximum of 400ml per session. 
The Result
Since the first session, mentally he felt a lot more positive and motivated to improve his health. He has joined a gym with a personal fitness instructor, and, Alhamdulillah started going back to work.
His blood glucose has been more in control and he has not had any headaches at all since having hijama. He will continue to have regular hijama sessions, maybe once a month to further improve and maintain his health, insha’Allah.
He is very happy with the treatment he receives, as he is obviously seeing the benefits, and has referred several of his friends to Hijama treatment. This was my most challenging client, as there were a lot of health problems; every session was wet cupping; there were a lot of points cupped in all sessions.
I also had to do a lot of research about the illnesses, (Pneumonia and Diabetes). The client has a long way to go before he fully regains his health, but this treatment has been a turning point for him and he is taking good steps to improvement, insha’Allah.     
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  1. Assalaamu aleikum,
    How effective cupping is for back pains? Is it good for all types of back pains?
    Jazakallah khair

  2. As salamu ‘aleykum wa rahmatullaah
    I think it would be beneficial to mention the points used in these cases … I have learned that hijamah is to be done on a monthly basis for a specific treatment yet it seems that many do it alot more frequently than this … I would like to understand the difference of practice concerning how often hijamah is performed and how many cups are used per treatment.
    Barak Allaahu feekum

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