Ramdan Mubarak to all! May Allah help all of us take full advantage of the blessed month of Ramdan, spiritually and physically.
FastingMost of us know about the spiritual benefits of Ramdan but very few of us know the physical and medical benefits of fasting in Ramdan or outside Ramdan. In this article, I will cover only a few ways fasting impacts our health. 

There is a lot of scientific research going on regarding fasting. A lot of people are using fasting to lose weight and others are using fasting to get rid of serious ailments. 

There are Doctors in America who are successfully treating patients for Diabetes. Fasting has also been helping patients with Blood Pressure issues, Heart Problems, Cholesterol etc. There is scientific research that shows that fasting generates new brain cells, which is supposed to be good for Dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

So how does fasting make us healthy? In simple terms, the body has Homeostatic Balance, which is body’s ability to heal itself. But by years and years of eating Junk food, over eating, polluted air, chemicals, toxins, stress, anxiety, worry, hopelessness etc, our body cannot take it anymore. One or more of our body’s functions start to breakdown and that is how we end of up with a certain ailment and disease.

By take pharmaceutical drugs, we are adding more toxins into our body systems and the  body continues to breakdown further. That is when the doctors start telling us that, there is no cure for this disease and you have to keep taking medication for the rest of your lives. These medications and hopelessness does not help the body’s Homeostatic Balance or its’ ability to heal itself.

By fasting, our body organs and systems get a chance to take a break and start removing all the toxin built up in the body. They rid the body of all the garbage that has been piling up inside our body, including the storage reserves of sugar and fats. 

Once our body systems and organs are cleansed during fasting, our body’s Homeostatic system gets triggered and now body starts to heal itself and gets rid of the disease and starts to get healthy. 

Allah obviously knew that. That is why He has prescribed fasting for us. Not only is it spiritually good for us; it is a yearly 30 days body cleanse for our system. And then to maintain your body for the rest of the year, you can follow the sunnah of fasting twice a week. 

By fasting twice a week, you can get rid of all of the toxins that you have accumulated during 5 days of eating unhealthily or even eating healthily!

The number one thing to get healthy is to avoid eating and drinking bad things. Here are some of the suggestions of which things to avoid during and after Ramdan.

Filtered Water: You have to make sure that you have pure filtered water if you live in an area where there is no natural pure water. If you live in cities, you will most likely need filtered water. You can test your water by using TDS meter and using home use toxicity test.

Our body needs a lot of water to keep functioning, but if you are giving your body chemical rich water, it will harm your health. You body will have all of these chemicals and toxins clogging your body and your body won’t be able to function the way it is supposed to and it will start breaking down. You can filter water using multi stage Reverse Osmosis filtration systems for good water.

Cooking Oil: Use only Olive oil for cooking, even frying. 

Microwave: Do not use a microwave to warm your food. It kills all the nutrients in your food.

Processed Food: Do not eat any processed food. Always cook fresh food. Processed food is full of harmful chemicals.

Salt: Don’t use Table Salt. It is has sand and glass in it. Even Sea salt is not good sometimes because of the way it is processed. The best salt is the Himalayan salt. 

Sugar: Regular sugar is very bad for us and even artificial sweeteners are unhealthy and dangerous to our health. We find sugar in everything these days. An average American citizen eats about 160 lbs of sugar per year. Sugar is in everything, in cookies, cakes, juices, drinks, soda, carbs, starch and even fruits. All the carbs and starch turns into sugar anyway, which might be more than what our body needs, then we should avoid the intake of regular sugar.

 You can use “Just Like Sugar” for a healthy, natural alternative to sugar. It is even good for Diabetic patients as well. A big percentage of “Just Like Sugar” is dietary finer. The more you eat it, healthier you will get, insha Allah.

Overeating: After fasting of all day, your stomach has shrunk anyway, so use that momentum to eat healthy and less. Don’t eat too many different kind of foods in one go. Just eat a simple meal and let your body digest the food properly. Also, this way, you won’t feel tired for Taraweeh either, insha Allah. 

Among all the other things, Hijama is great to detox the entire body in an accelerated way. There are quite a few different opinions regarding Hijama during fasting, which I will cover in one of the other emails insha Allah. 

I hope this post benefitted you. If yes, please share this post with others and leave your feedback under the post and let me know how has this information help you?

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12 Responses

  1. MashaAllah, very good holistic advice.
    Just a couple of points:
    – What’s the reasoning behind Himalayan salt ie how is it better, and where can it be obtained from?
    – Secondly, you mention ‘Just Like Sugar’… is this product actually any better than sugar or could it possibly be worse, as we have no doubt all come across reports/rumours of ‘artificial sweeteners’ like aspartame etc having long-term hidden dangers which obviously the manufacturers / inventors were not aware of at the time / or not keen to publicise for obvious reasons. So perhaps it would be better to recommend honey as a sugar alternative which is also another product emphasised in the Sunnah.
    – Finally what is a reverse osmosis filtration system and how do you go about getting / installing one?

    1. Jazakallah for your detailed feedback brother!
      1)Himalayan salt is better, because it is available in its raw form and it is not processed as other salts. Secondly, Himalayan salt has 80+ minerals that our body needs. You can order it online in a powder form or gantlets or in a rock form. Rock form is the cheapest and you can even get it from the hours food shop, since they feed it to horses as well. It is also called pink salt as well.
      2) Yes, you can use honey but most of us know about honey and since it is in liquid form, it does not really replace sugar, especially in baking or cooking. Also, since honey has hot property, it might not be suitable in summer or in hot drinks etc. You are right about the artificial sweeteners and Aspartame, that is why I mentioned that artificial sweeteners are no good. Even the natural ones like Stevia are sometimes no good they way they are created.
      Anyway, I would not recommend anything without doing my homework : ) “Just Like Sugar” is 100% natural, made up of Zest of Orange Peel, Chicory Root Dietary Fiber, Natural Calciam and Vitamin C.
      Here are some of the nutritional facts: 0 Calories, 0 Sugar, 0 Fat,0 Cholesterol,0 Sodium, 0 Carbohydrates, 0 Protein
      It does not contain any soy, yeast, animal derivatives, No “MSG”, No L-Glutamic Acid, No D-Glutamic Acid, No Aspartic Acid or preservatives; it is not fermentable and will not promote tooth decay.
      You can use it for baking and cooking as well and the more you eat it healthier you get, since a large percentage is the dietary finer.
      3) Reverse Osmosis is a multistage water filtration system that removes different chemical, metals, toxins and taste etc from the water at its different stages during filtration. You can google it or go to ebay. The instructions to install it come with the system. Ideally there should be shower filter head as well, since our skin is the largest organ we have and these chemicals are absorbed through our skin while taking shower.
      I hope this answers your questions.

  2. Excellent reminder, especially as this is the most important information we tend to forget when fasting
    Jazakallah brother

  3. just a quick question brother
    you mentioned that in ingredients of ‘Just like Sugar’ there is zest of orange peel
    which i am allergic to, is there any other product ?
    I normally use unrefined brown sugar … how healthy is that?

    1. Asslaamoalaykum, I am not aware of any other product as good as this. I guess you can use honey instead. But this product is only available in the U.S. and you should try it first anyway as an experiment, if your allergy is not bad. I hope this helps.

  4. Dear brother… I just wanted to know how my daughter can fast.
    she has seizures ( epilepsy) she takes medication at 8am and then 8pm that is twice a day.
    She feels very upset because of this she cannot fast.
    I am not sure if she can change the times of her medication and if this will affect her health. I just am so heartbroken my daughter was so healthy she is now 18 and her seizures started when she was 16. She had absence seizures at first and then they turned into full blown seizures when she would fall to the floor and shake.
    Please advice us what to do.
    MRS M

    1. Asslaamoalaykum Sister, May Allah give shifa to your daughter. You should get Hijama performed on your daughter. Hijama can help with the seizures insha Allah. Next time try to take the medication at sahoor and iftar time and see if she is ok. Allah will put barakah in her fasting insha Allah and it will improve her health. I hope this helps.

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