Hijama Treatment For Hypertension.

Assalamualaikum, Are you suffering from headaches and dizziness? Is your chest tight and heavy? Are you vomiting or feeling nausea? Do you have ringing sounds in the ears? Does your vision become blurred with headaches? Are you suffering from anxiety? These might be symptoms of High Blood Pressure. Do not ignore them! Get yourself diagnosed. […]

Can Hijama Help With My Constipation & Smoking Habit?

Assalaam alaikum,  The following case study is from one of our HNA Graduates Br Suhayl Patel, from Bolton UK. He is now a Certified HNA Hijama Practitioner (CHP) and producing great results.  His patient was a 34 year Old Male suffering from Constipation, Shoulder and Back Pain and he generally had a low mood with depressive […]

Hijama Treating Asthma and Chronic Cough

The following Case Study is from our HNA Graduates Sr Nargis from Birmingham, UK. She is now a Certified HNA Hijama Practitioner (CHP) and producing great results. The patient was a 37 year old Male suffering from Asthma and Chronic Cough, he often used his inhaler.  He would have difficulty sleeping at night and coughing […]

I am addicted to Hijama!

Assalamaoalaykum,  The following is a case study from one of our HNA Students from Bahrain, she is producing great results with her patients Alhamdulilah. Below is a summary of the case study: Health Concern She treated a 42 year old Male with general body aches and fatigue, excruciating pain in left scapula (shoulder), pain the back of […]

I Became Pregnant After Hijama!

Hijama for fertility success stories. These stories will help you know how does cupping help with pregnancy. HIjama nation success story will blew you in these testimonials.

Prepare Yourself Physically, for Hajj!

Hajj season is approaching us soon insha Allah. Some of you may be preparing to go and some may not be this year. May Allah give us all the opportunity to perform the Hajj in good health. As part of the preparation process for it, we have written an article to help you utilise your […]