Here’s some exciting news for you!

Due to the amazing response and feedback we have had about Hijama Nation TV (HNTV), we have decided to finally launch our long awaited Hijama Nation Podcast now too!!!

Now you will be able to listen to audios of our amazing lectures . This spectacular series will include the following;
Health and Wellness through Hijama Cupping
Sharing real life results and interviews with Hijama experts
Tried and tested natural treatment methods with case studies
Healing holistically, mind body and soul
Covering traditional islamic medicine
and much more…
We have launched our introductory episode about what the podcast series will be about. Even though it is just a short clip, you can still download and listen to it.
Please make sure you remember to like, share, comment and subscribe.
You will do the above for two reasons.
1) You will be the first one to get the notification about the next episode
2) You will help the Podcast platforms to favor our podcast and spread the message of Hijama to more people. You will get the reward and sadaqah jariyah for spreading the knowledge about the forgotten sunnah of Hijama, inshaAllah
You can click on the link to go to the episode on the podcast channel.
You will be able to listen to these episodes on your mobile phone while working, driving, exercising, walking or just sitting and relaxing.
It is going to change the way you look at Hijama and natural healing forever, InshaAllah!


We will be offering the Accredited Higher Diploma in Hijama Cupping Therapy with 70% off, free bonus modules PLUS FREE Bonus Courses.

The Early Bird Special Offer is a Free Sunnah Health Course and Unani Typology & Prophetic Medicine Course (with specific packages).

So get your funds together now so you can pay and enrol as soon as we open cart next week, insha Allah.

There will be be limited spaces for this 5 day flash sale.

So get ready to join the Hijama Nation team next week, insha Allah!

In the meantime, click here to the listen to the Hijama Nation Podcast.

Happy Listening!

Look out for my sale announcement emails next week.


Umm Amaar

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