Why Become a Hijama Practitioner?

Asslaamoalaykum, Sadly, there are so many people sick in the world and more and more people are getting sicker every day. Is modern medicine helping? Not really! They give you a pill to cover up the symptoms but the disease keeps increasing and the amount of pills keeps increasing. So what is the solution? Hijama […]

Something special coming your way…

We have something very very special coming very soon… Alhumdulillah, Ramadhan is approaching fast and as a gift. We are giving all our viewers, subscribers, students and graduates an awesome SURPRISE GIFT….can you guess what it could be? (Clue: It’s going to be fun, beneficial and inspiring for you)   Please click on the link below […]

Hajj and Hijama

Asslaamoalaykum, It has been over a month since the end of Ramadan and gears are shifting towards Hajj (Holy Pilgrimage to Makkah), Alhumdulillah. There is only about month remaining to Zil Hajj. I am sure all of the brothers and sisters who are traveling to perform Hajj this year, are getting ready for their travels […]

Hijama for Asthma – A Case Study

This is a case study by one of our students from East London, UK Note: Hijama Nation respect their students and their patients’ privacy so we are not declaring any of the names. These are real case studies which have been submitted by our students. The patient’s name is G.A, a female, aged 37. She […]