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Hijama Treatment Plan To Get Rid Of Painful Trigger Points.


Are you suffering from severe throbbing pain in your body?

Do you want to soothe your muscles?

Are your painful muscular knots giving you sleepless nights and tiresome days?

Are you tired of taking medications for tension headaches?

Are you or a dear one a patient of fibromyalgia?

Is myofascial pain getting uncontrollable?

These symptoms might worsen your conditions and lead you to permanent use of Trigger Point Injections!

Hijama Cupping Therapy can help treat all these conditions and symptoms.

Hijama can help get rid of muscular knots and help you get rid of recurring use of Trigger point injections.

Sensitive areas of tight muscle fibres can form in your muscles after injuries or overuse. These sensitive areas are called trigger points. A trigger point in a muscle can cause strain and pain throughout the muscle. When this pain persists and worsens, doctors call it myofascial pain syndrome.

Most points occur because of muscle overuse, muscle trauma (injury), or psychological stress

Trigger points often arise from sustained repetitive activities, like lifting heavy objects at work or working on a computer all day. 

No single factor is responsible for the development of myofascial trigger points.

Trigger points feel like little marbles or knots just under your skin. When pressing on trigger points, some people feel significant pain in areas where they have trigger points.

These bumps—known as trigger points—usually go away with manual adjustment. But sometimes, they can become impossible to remove no matter how many self-massage tricks or stretches you try.

Trigger point injections is a popular treatment. But recurring injections have  many discomforts and side effects.

Trigger point injections can cause various immediate and long-term side effects, including:

  • pain or temporary numbness around the injection site.
  • discoloration or dimpling of the skin near the injection site.
  • lightheadedness or dizziness.
  • bleeding.

Hijama Cupping Therapy can help get rid of painful muscular knots and marble like nodules.

Hijama can help eradicate the root causes of muscular issues.

Different Cupping techniques are effective for chronic neck pain, low back pain and fibromyalgia. It has also been shown to relax muscles, release trigger points, improve lymphatic flow, increase local circulation and release scar tissue adhesion.

Moving cupping/Massage cupping is extremely useful for muscular issues. While performing moving cupping skin is oiled and the cups are then moved over the skin in a gliding motion. This removes knots and provides relief from inflammation.

Hijama Cupping is used to treat muscular and soft tissue injuries and increases flexibility

Cupping creates pressure on muscles and tissues using suction to manipulate the skin, muscles and underlying soft tissues. The process brings in fresh blood to the target area and promotes healing.

Hijama Cupping provides a gentle sustained stretch for loosening tight muscles and connective tissue adhesions, clearing heat or inflammation present in the body.

A CHP will consider all medical conditions and design a detailed Hijama Treatment Plan for a client with Painful Trigger points.

In order to treat trigger points, the cups are often placed on the back, neck, and shoulders or the site of pain. 

Moving, dry, cluster and wet cupping is used according to the severity of the condition of the client.

Detailed weekly and then monthly sessions are designed and different hijama cupping techniques are used to make treatment plans effective.

Hijama Cupping is much more effective in ‘drawing’ fluid, both blood and lymph, from a trigger point through the application of negative pressure. Also, once the cup is placed, it can be gently ‘pumped’ to move the fluid even more. 

Trigger points are often located deep in the muscle tissue, it is often necessary to use medium to strong cupping (pressure) to get them to release.

While dry and cluster cupping is certainly effective, moving cupping can be used, especially when there is more than one trigger point in an area, as moving cupping is especially effective for musculoskeletal complaints, muscle relaxation and sports injuries. 

Also, as the name suggests, moving cupping is excellent for ‘moving’ stagnant lymph fluid and blood out and fresh blood into an area.

Hijama Nation would advise a positive and active lifestyle along with hijama for general well being.

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