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Hijama Treating Asthma and Chronic Cough

The following Case Study is from our HNA Graduates Sr Nargis from Birmingham, UK. She is now a Certified HNA Hijama Practitioner (CHP) and producing great results. The patient was a 37 year old Male suffering from Asthma and Chronic Cough, he often used his inhaler.  He would have difficulty sleeping at night and coughing throughout the day. He was very distressed and he did not feel the desire to do much that he previously enjoyed. Smoking was also a problem for him as he was finding it very difficult to cut down. He also suffered from cramps in the legs.


He had a number of Hijama sessions, advised on diet, changing habits, to reduce smoking, using black seed oil on his chest. All these to support towards a healthier lifestyle and to gain optimum health.
Before his first session, he was feeling very lethargic and weak and felt he will need anti-depressants because of very low mood.

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By his second session, he reported since Hijama his coughing reduced by a great deal. He also implemented the advice given and was having only 6 cigarettes a day as before he was having 8.
By his third session he reported, he hardly had to cough, he stopped using the inhaler. The cigarettes number varied between 4-8 cigarettes a day. He felt he did not feel as distressed as before starting treatment. The pain from the cramps in his legs he noticed had reduced too. Overall he felt more energetic.

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By the fourth Hijama session, he reported he was still experiencing the cramps pain in the legs, his cough was no longer and his smoking had decreased to 4 to 6 a day.
By the fifth session, he reported that the cramps in the legs were the same since the last session, and he was also experiencing burning sensations in left leg.
After the 6th Hijama session, the patient said that the cramps were completely gone and he did not feel distressed or anxious any longer.


Overall, the client reported that after the Hijama sessions, his cough was completely gone, he did not feel the need to use inhalers. He was not experiencing the painful leg cramps.  He did not feel distressed and he much more active and begun going to the masjid for congregational prayer. Before he started his first treatment he felt he will need to take anti-depressants and now he is very glad he did not take the anti-depressants because Hijama has helped balance his anxiety. His smoking had reduced and he was working on completely stopping but wanted to do it at his own pace.
Hijama is a form of detox for the body however as part of the effects of the detox process sometimes but not on all occasions you can feel worse than before you started your Hijama sessions or any other form of detox. This is called a healing crisis but this is a good thing and it is normal to feel this way,  the response is likely a sign that you’re getting better by having a good cleanse and come out much healthier.  
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  1. wa alaykum assalam
    jazakallah for sending valuable article n case study.
    we have hijama group of three qualified doctors.
    There is a suggestion that includes way of treatment add in articles.
    what was done in 1st session and what was done 2nd session.

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