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Hijama For Multiple Medical Conditions: A Case Study

This a a Case Studies by one of our students, residing in Nelson, UK. Here, he is going to share a case study of one of his patients who had lots of medical and personal complications.

Background Information / Consultation

Mr. W is a 37 year old male, married, and has one child. He works full time as a charity worker, helping homeless people.

In his early twenties, he was involved in an incident in which he was attacked, and seriously damaged the nerves in his left leg. He has no control from the knee down, and has to wear a brace to support his foot when he walks.

At age 21, he was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer, and had to have one testicle removed.

This was followed up with a long process of chemotherapy, during which he suffered two cardiac arrests. After extensive treatment, he has been cleared of the cancer and recovered from the heart problems.

He is now fit and healthy, Alhamdulillah. He looks after his health and regularly attends the gym for weight training and boxing. After the first session of hijama, he mentioned that he had also been suffering from Erectile Dysfunction for the last two years. I understood that he was probably too embarrassed to mention it in the original consultation, and suggested that we could do a specific treatment for that. He agreed. I did some further research on the condition and more consultation with him before the next session. He eventually disclosed that it was memories of previous relationships that were making him feel guilty. So it effected his performance when he was intimate with his present wife. Therefore the problem was more mental and emotional than physical.

Treatment Plan

  • Hijama for Sunnah and general detox
  • Massage cupping for muscle tension
  • Hijama for Erectile Dysfunction

Session 1: I did massage cupping for general detox and releasing pain in trapezius area.

Session 2: I did dry cupping and massage cupping on all over back, , shoulders, biceps and triceps.

Session 3: I performed Hijama for his erectile dysfunction to increase his sexual energy.

Session 4: I did dry cupping on back, neck and shoulders to increase circulation and lossen muscles.

Session 5: I preferred to do dry cupping again on back, neck and shoulders.

Session 6: I did massage cupping on upper back and neck to release pains.

Patient Experience

I performed the first session of hijama for general detox, and a little pain in the trapezius area. When I spoke to him the next day, he reported an increase in sexual energy and definite improvement in vision, as well as pain relief in the trapezius area.  I performed Hijama according to the Hijama Nation course guidelines for ED. I also advised him to read the Tibb-e-Nabawi for dietary advice. After the Hijama session, he felt an improvement, but only for a few days, then back to normal. Insha’Allah he will have more treatment for this after Ramadan. Overall, he was happy with the treatment he received and was very impressed with the technique which I used, and the information which I gave him about the treatment. He has had Hijama before from one other therapist, and in comparison, he preferred the treatment he received from me, because I had a more holistic approach, looking at diet as well as treatment, Alhumdulillah.

Please give us feedback and leave comments below about what would you like to read about next insha Allah.

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  1. I am A muslim revert living in Scotland.I knew little or nothing about Hijama until a couple of years ago.It was through my daughter that I had my first hijama experience.She wanted to give me a treat while I was down in London visiting her.I had wet cupping done.I felt some good effect but the lady who did it for me didnt know me or what problems I had.I did not open up to her as she was a stranger who didnt speak very good english.My daughter looked on it as a treat to relax me.I know now thanks to your information what it,s really about.As a muslim if the prophet sallalaho alaihi wa salam recommended it we should all be using this therapy.Unfortunatly it is too expensive for me but I would put my trust in this rather than pharmasuticals.Wrong speeling sorry.If you have a payment plan method I would like to hear about it.I am in Edinburgh so where would I find my nearest practitioner?
    Look forward to hearing from you again
    Asalam Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatu
    sister in Islam

  2. alhmdllh…!good and nice approach with hijama,keep the good work up,HIJAMA NATION……well i would like to hear about hijama for auto-immune disease……..kindly….compile the topic with experience and treated case…inshallah…will lokk forward for the update….!!

  3. Alhamdulillah. Many people especially diabetics suffer from ED. This treatment should inshallah be greatly beneficial to them.

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