The 3 C Formula for A Healthy Marriage!

Marriage Webinar

We are bringing you another interesting Webinar about marriage from an Islamic point of view. Sis. Umm Asim; an Islamic Counsellor for 27 years, talks about the problems and reasons which occur within a marriage. She will talk about the profound “3 C Formula”, which will improve your married life a great deal, insha Allah.
So is this webinar for only those who are having marriage problems? The answer is No. This webinar is for the youth who are looking to get married, those who are already married and having problems, this who are happily married and the parents whose children are looking to get married.
Marriage webinar

When is it?  Friday 27th, December at 3pm Eastern
How to attend? Leave your name and email address below and you will receive detailed information and the link to attend the webinar.
What if I am busy at that time? Even if you are not able to attend the live webinar, register for it anyway and we will email you the recording of it. You will then be able to listen to it on your own time.
Can I ask questions? Yes. We want it to be interactive, so please ask your questions in advance. Even if you are not able to attend the class, your question can still be covered, if we have enough time. So ask your question by emailing us at: UmmAsim@MuslimFamilyHealth.com. When you receive the link to the Webinar, just visit that page and submit your question or leave your comments below.
So please register below to receive further information about the Webinar. Don’t forget to ask questions or leave feedback! Thanks.

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