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Testimonial from a HNA Hijama Practitioner, Newcastle, UK - Hijama Nation

Testimonial from a HNA Hijama Practitioner, Newcastle, UK

A Testimonial About Studying with Hijama Nation Association.

By Marina Yaseen, Project Manager, Newcastle, UK.

Here is a great testimonial from our FIRST EVER student; Marina Yaseen (CHP) to be awarded a Higher Distinction for her Accredited Higher Diploma in Hijama Cupping Therapy (Dip.HCT).

“After much research through the internet and talking to a wide range of course providers available in the UK who run hijama courses, I came across one of the tutors with whom I had a in-depth conversation about hijama, the methods, practices, modules and overall course. I was satisfied by not only what I had read but the high standards of the course, the accreditation process used and because they are the Lead Advisors of Holistic Hijama in the UK to the GRCCT and have strict codes and ethics in practice of hijama which demonstrates professionalism in the field of holistic therapies.
graduation-capThe online model was very useful and the quizzes were useful to assess the students’ knowledge very similar to the practitioner level qualification of Prince II which assessed my competency and understanding of each unit. The case study process allowed me to use a independent approach to managing my patients, putting theory learnt within the units in to practice and implementing, diagnosing and relating illnesses.
My experience of hijama has been a positive and enlightening experience. I have been able to obtain knowledge about the Sunnah and our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) using hijama as a treatment for illness and disease. I was interested in how hijama can benefit patients, spiritually, emotionally and physically as well as providing a long term solution to many illnesses by having faith in hijama. I personally have now experienced hijama and after several treatments have seen an emotional, spiritual and physical improvement in pain.
The course material is relevant to obtain knowledge about hijama holistically and have a thorough knowledge of hijama from a medical perspective in relation to glands, body systems there functions and hijama points as well as the link too muscle systems.
I am now a postgraduate- and I will be reviving the Sunnah. By promoting and setting up my own business. At the same time, I will be able to promote and support Hijama Nation and the course which has benefitted me.
This course and staff have provided me with much support and HNA are a fantastic organisation who deals with queries effectively and efficiently. I would like to recommend Hijama Nation courses to all as we all have a responsibility to revive the Sunnah!!”
To revive and establish the Sunnah of Hijama,  become a member of the HNA Team and qualify as a 30-Cups-Chinese-font-b-Vacuum-b-font-font-b-Cupping-b-font-Set-Massage-TherapyCertified Hijama Practitioner.
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