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Special Gift!

In celebration of our new London, UK office, we are giving you a special gift.
Our courses will be 50% off for the February 2012 student intake, inshallah.
Offer ends on: January 31st 2012.
Course start date: Mon 6th Feb 2012

Why should you take these courses?

  • To revive the forgotten sunnah of Hijama
  • To learn how to perform the amazing treatment of Hijama
  • To have Hijama treatment available to you all the time for free
  • To help your loved ones, if and when they fall sick
  • To treat the ailments that doctors couldn’t
  • To teach your community about Hijama
  • To teach your generations to come about Hijama
  • To create sadaqa e Jariyyah

If you want to accomplish any of the above, please contact us now.
Click on the course link below for more information about the courses:


Theory &  Practical videos Self-paced online theory & online theory exam.Practical-instructional guidebook and videos


Online Theory, Videos, Practical training workshops. 6 months online Theory & practical/clinical/training/exam

For more information about a course, click on the link above.
Hijama Practitioner Course:    Regular price-      £975 or  $1,500   
                                                           Discount Price-      £485 or  $750
Hijama Home Use Course:        Regular Price-     £ 350  or  $500
                                                            Discount Price-     £175   or   $250

To apply,  please “contact us” and will send you an application form and further information.

If you have any questions please email us at: info@HijamaNation.com

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