Tibb-e-Nabawi foods are similar either during Ramadan OR without Ramadan. For  Sahoor, take the breakfasts as listed below. For Iftaar, quench your thirst with the blessed beverages like Barley Water, Sattu, Nabeez, Milkshakes with fruits, vegetable juices, home-made Yogurt Lassi & its Whey Protein. Make Thareed, Barley soups, vegetable curries in the blessed olive oil, try Camel’s meat as it is a beauty. Make Barley soups & cook your vegetable curries in the blessed olive oil. At some occassions, make Hais & confectionaries with Cottage Cheese.
Never forget the blessed Barley Bread. Keep your stock of Barley flour. Avoid fried foods, & even for your Pakoras; make them with Barley Flour + the legumes blend with Black chickpeas & Moong Daal (lentils).

We have 7 recipes in the Breakfasts section :


Breakfast # 1
Breakfast # 2 ~ Talbinah
Breakfast # 3
Breakfast # 4
Breakfast # 5 ~ Hummus
Breakfast # 6
Breakfast # 7


We have 5 recipes in the Barley Soups section :


Barley Water
Plain Barley Soup
Barley Soup with Arvi
Barley Soup with Black Chickpeas
Barley Soup with Mung Daal


Individual Recipes :


Camel’s Liver with Hump Fat
Camel’s meat / Pulao
Chicken cooked in Vinegar
Fish in Olive Oil
Frying eggs with vinegar
The Blessed HAIS
Juice Therapy for Gout / Uric Acid
Barley Bread
Juice Therapy for Hypertension
Nabeez ~ Drink made with soaked Raisins
QUINCE Preserve
Sakanjabeen (Honey & Vinegar)
How to make THAREED ?

We have 6 recipes in the Vegetables / Rice section :

Beetroot Pulao
Red Cabbage Pulao
Bell Peppers in Olive Oil
Bitter Gourd in Olive Oil
Cauliflower in Olive Oil
Sweet Potatoes in Olive Oil

Article taken from www.tibbenabwi.com.

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