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Mens Hijama Practical Training Day - Hijama Nation

Mens Hijama Practical Training Day

We recently had one of our Live Men’s Training days and it was a very successful training day Alhamdulilah!  We had brothers come from all over the UK; Wolverhampton, Southampton, Bolton, Halifax and Preston also a Br who just signed up a week before with his wife and traveled all the way from Sweden, mashaAllah. It was very nice to meet all of the inspiring individuals.
At Hijama Nation we have students training with us from a range of backgrounds including physiotherapists, entrepreneurs, beauty therapists, Doctors and even home makers. We also have individuals with over 20 years of Hijama experience and they are doing our Hijama Course as they prefer our course material and vision.
During the training, we covered tips on having a positive mind set towards becoming successful Hijama Practitioners and for their Hijama Journey.
We covered the Holistic Approach towards treating sickness. There are two ways:

  • Treat the Person: Treating the person means to educate them about Hijama and natural health and encourage them to change their lifestyle.
  • Treat the body: To focus in balancing, cleansing and detoxing the body first, so the body can heal and repair itself. 

As we know Hijama itself is a very powerful tool and as a procedure for treating. At Hijama Nation we hold the belief that Hijama can cure every disease combined with lifestyle changes. We have seen Hijama cure as serious diseases as Diabetes and Cancer and that is what we teach our students. We are actually doing a lot of research on Cancer and specializing in it. Thus our students get to learn all that alhumdulillah, they apply the knowledge and are getting amazing results.
We tackle illnesses with Hijama that other colleges do not train students in, or other practitioners will not even have courage or knowledge to deal with. We also believe the long term journey and success of our students varies and we are here to support them on this journey. That is why we keep supporting our students even after their graduation and help them set up their services in order to help them make the maximum impact in the society.
Grad 1
Here is a Testimonial from a Brother.
”Br Muddassar just wanted to say Jazakallahu Khairun personally for all ur help, dedication and determination for what you and your team have achieved here at Hijama Nation. This is a unique course, from course material set up through to graduation you guys have exceeded my expectations. The help and support I have received has been exceptional and I will definitely recommend and promote you and your team at HN in every way possible. All the best with your future aspirations  Hope you all the best in health and imaan”. Br Suhayl  – Bolton
May Allah reward those who work hard in creating and establishing a successful Hijama Journey for themselves and others.
If you too would like to train with us and learn how you can help others leave a fuller life, then email info@hijamanation.com

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