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Medical Doctor has Hijama…

 This case study is from one of our HNA graduates who treated a Medical Doctor. The MD is a 44 year old who has not worked for the past few years because of his poor health. He suffers from insomnia and is up most of the night. Even after falling asleep, he complains of not being able to sleep properly. He stays in bed most of the day except for going to the masjid for salah and as a result, is losing muscle mass and has pains all over his body. Adding to this he has gout, severe edema and mood fluctuations.



He had a series of 6 hijama treatement and was encouraged to make dietary and exercise routines. He was requested to reduce rice and bread intake and increase fruits and vegetables; slowly start exercise even if only for 5-10 minutes and increase gradually and encouraged to recite duas daily.


He felt much better from the first hijama session and improved from every session. He said, a weight had been lifted off his head; he felt lighter and was amazed by the changes in his health; he began biking, something he did before becoming ill and by the last session, he would bike between 10-15miles daily.

His mood improved as he became more social, happier, more optimistic and no longer gets upset with everyone around him. The sessions were longer than expected because of the severity of his condition and they seemed to really help him.

He would actually fall into a deep sleep during moving cupping and wake up refreshed. He became such a believer in the treatment that he consults with me before doing anything concerning his health. He will continue treatments

His Testimonial

 ‘’I never knew the power of hijama until I had it done. I’m a doctor by profession and I advise everyone to have hijama done, it is definitely a cure Alhumdolilah!’’

I pray that you benefit from this case study. Please share it with your friends and family, so they can benefit from it as well. ​

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