What is the difference between cupping and bloodletting or “Hijama”? Does HIJAMA hurt?

is hijama cupping painful
They are both the process of removing toxic blood, but Hijama can only be done at certain times of the week, month and year according to Islamic/Prophetic tradition.  Wet Cupping (Hijama) does hurt a little bit when the incisions are made, BUT DEFINITELY LESS THAN A BLOOD TEST! You cannot feel the blood coming out at all and it may just sting a little bit when the treatment ends. Black seed oil and/or alcohol rub should be applied to seal the minor cuts. The incisions may sting for one day after the treatment, but should feel better thereafter. They will take about 3-10 to heal. There will be no scarring if the procedure is administered correctly by the Practitioner.
What is the linguistic meaning of the word ‘hijama’ in Arabic? It means “Sucking”.
In which places of the world, and for how many years has Hijama been known and practiced?
China (more than 5000yrs) and 1000’s of years in; Egypt,Greece, Rome, Islamic empire, Europe, Russia, Central Asia, South Asia and USA.
 Where and when did glass Hijama therapy emerge?
In Mongolia, 2500 yrs ago, but originally a Tibetan and Indian tradition.

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  1. Salams
    Re: Does Hijama hurt?
    We recently conducted a survey via our hijama blog called:
    “How painful, sore and scarring is Hijama?”
    62 people took part in the survey and majority of the people who had presumed hijama to be quite painful found that it wasn’t as painful as they had thought after having hijama therapy for the first time.
    As for soreness after treatment, a total 95% of participants felt that either no pain or soreness felt after treatment, or it was minimal and / or for a negligible amount of time.
    Re: Scarring, a total 97% found that again there was no scarring or that it was negligible!
    Here’s the link to the results:
    Hope that helps, but any questions leave a comment on the post.

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