Hijama Nation Academy is the first ever Course Provider to have Hijama Cupping Therapy approved and insured as a mainstreammodality. HNA Students and and RegisteredMembers are entitled to manydiscounts and benefits from the followinginsurance Brokers:
Westminster Indemnity Ltd havepartnered with HijamaNation and provideinsurancecoverage for bothHijamaNation and Non-HijamaNationPractitioners. So externalapplicants can applythroughus. Ifyou are a HijamaPractitioner, and youneedinsurance, please click here to getyour quote:
HijamaNation Academy hasalsonowhadHijamaCuppingTherapyapproved bythe International Institute for ComplementaryTherapies (IICT).WehavealsoachievedApproved Course Provider Status and obtainedInsurance from them. Theywillcurrently cover HijamaPractitioners in the UK and EU countries.Our Students and RegisteredMembers are entitled to many benefits and discounts with IICT.

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