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We have another Case study for you this week. The following is a Case Study is by one of our HNA Graduates Dr Tasneem from the Bahamas, she has incorporated Hijama into her practice and helping her patients towards optimum health.
Her patient was a young woman with swelling in her neck since the past 4 months before Hijama treatment. Overtime she had noticed unusual swelling in that area which was not painful, also she felt the swelling moved with swallowing. When she went for an Ultrasonography of the thyroid, she was diagnosed with Multinodular Goiter with Hypothyroidism, There appeared to be a fullness in the thyroid region more so on the right lobe of thyroid. 
thyroidd gland

Treatment plan

She had a number of Hijama sessions and was advised of diet changes by implementing more raw vegetables, increase water intake, increase physical activity. She was advised on neck exercises involving flexion and rotation of head.
water drink vegtables


The results were remarkable, by her second Hijama session there was a visible reduction in the size of the right lobe of thyroid. On a scale of 1-10, if the initial size was 6, it came down to 2.
An ultrasonogram of the thyroid was performed which showed significant decrease in the size of the nodules. The patient was very happy and satisfied as she didn’t have to take any medications.
Please see below the before and after of thyroid function results from the hospital.
She was advised to follow-up in three months to repeat blood work and for a repeat Hijama session.
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