Today, we will discuss diseases related to kidneys. There are usually no symptoms of kidney disease in the early stages. 

Kidney disorders may only be diagnosed if you have a blood or urine test for another reason and results show a possible problem with the kidneys.

So always look out for the following symptoms and general health of your kidneys.

Are you having urinary problems?

Do you feel tired and fatigued?

Are your ankles, feet and hands swollen?

Do you feel sick for no obvious reason?

Are you suffering from shortness of breath?

Have you ever noticed blood in your urine?

Are you a diabetic or high blood pressure patient for a long time?

Do not ignore these symptoms as these might be cause of kidney failure or stones etc

Hijama Cupping therapy can help treat kidney diseases, Insha Allah.

Even if you are lucky enough to get diagnosed on time, there is still no cure for Chronic Kidney Diseases in allopathic medicine.

Consult a Certified Hijama Practitioner to eradicate the root causes of the disease and remain healthy. 

Most Kidney conditions are directly related to dehydration, exhaustion and stress. So stress management and self care are very important as we need to improve mental and emotional health to be healthy too.

Chronic Kidney Diseases can range from a mild condition with no or few symptoms, to a very serious condition where the kidneys might stop functioning.

Kidneys are an integral organ; their main job is to cleanse the blood of toxins and transform the waste into urine.

Other roles include regulating water levels, blood pressure, red blood cell production and acid produced by cell metabolism. 

All of these functions are important for the maintenance of the body’s homeostasis. Due to this, any damage to the kidneys can have a severe impact on the entire body, sometimes resulting in death.

So kidney related issues can not be ignored.

Hijama Nation has successfully treated many clients with Kidney related issues. Alhamdulillah.

Only through extensive research and considering the medical history of each client, a detailed Hijama Treatment Plan is to be designed.

Following are a few important Hijama Points that you can treat yourself or your clients, to get rid of kidney disorders Insha Allah.

Hijama Cupping therapy can alleviate many complications of kidney failure such as high blood pressure, arrhythmia, and inadequate blood flow to the heart so as to greatly reduce the risk factors for kidney disease patients.

Cupping therapy can be used for the treatment of urinary diseases like kidney stones, urine retention, and abscess. Urine retention is treated by applying the cups to the lumbar region.

Cupping also acts as a form of massage that provides relaxation.

Hijama can help those suffering with most of the aforementioned conditions by drawing red and white blood cells to the damaged kidneys. These cells provide the tissue with nutrients that can aid any repairing that the kidneys may need and remove inflammation that may have been caused by infection or injury.

In terms of kidney stones or nephrolithiasis, waste from the kidney can be drawn out by Hijama cups before it has the chance to form a stone. 

Hijama Nation would advise a Holistic approach. You can help prevent Chronic kidney diseases by making healthy lifestyle and diet changes and ensuring any underlying conditions you have are well controlled.

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