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Hijama Treatment Plan For Conjunctivitis.


Are your eyes affected by allergies?

Do you feel sensitive towards light?

Are your eyes red and itchy?

Is your eye-sight getting affected by infection?

Are your eyes in pain and swollen?

Do you feel your vision is getting blurred?

Are you suffering from headaches?

These might be symptoms of eye allergy or infection.

It can be hazardous for eye-sight if not treated on time.

Do not ignore these symptoms.

Book a Hijama session with a Certified Hijama Practitioner.

Conjunctivitis is an eye condition caused by infection or allergies. It usually gets better in a couple of weeks .

Conjunctivitis is also known as red or pink eye.

It usually affects both eyes and makes them:

  • red
  • burn or feel gritty
  • produce pus that sticks to lashes
  • itch
  • water

There are things you can do to help ease your symptoms.

  • Boil water and let it cool down before you gently wipe your eyelashes to clean off crusts with a clean cotton wool pad (1 piece for each eye).
  • Hold a cold flannel on your eyes for a few minutes to cool them down.

Do not wear contact lenses until your eyes are better.

In order to stop the infection from spreading, wash your hands regularly with soap and warm water, wash your pillow cases and facial towels with hot water and detergent, do not rub your eyes, dispose off your used tissues in the bin straight away etc

Hijama Cupping Therapy can help treat different kinds of eye infections and allergies.

Hijama Nation would recommend the following hijama points for eye related issues.

Each Hijama client is unique and will have their own medical conditions, so always work design a Hijama treatment plan according to your client’s medical history.

There are several benefits of Hijama cupping that include reduced pain, muscle tightness and inflammation, improved blood flow (circulation), flushing out toxins from the targeted area etc

Hijama for eyes can help with allergies, infections and inflammation. Hijama will help eradicate the root causes of many ailments and boost immune system.

Let’s revive the sunnah of Hijama with us!

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Adeela Aaiesha (CHP)

Hijama Coach.

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