“Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatulahi wa barakaatu.I just wanted to share something really amazing. A sister came to me for hijama. She is 41 yrs old and has MS multiple sclerosis, after reading her medical form, I suggested a 3-wk treatment because she was taking all these medications for yrs. I wanted to get as much toxins out as we could.


First session, I treated her upper back and one specific area on the lower back that was hurting. After that her husband had planned a trip to Africa so we couldn’t proceed the treatment but she said her symptoms were less than before over there.

After her vacation, she wanted to finish the 3-wk treatment consecutively without interruptions, so next treatment I did hijama on her upper back, on her shoulders because she had been wearing pain patches there and around her left knee.

Next treatment , I did  the upper back  and all over spine because she told me old MRI’s showed her having plaque all over spine and brain.

Next treatment, I did head cupping and some lower back work where she had pain. Every time I would fill out session review form, she would say that theres no difference in her condition. This made me really sad but I kept telling her things get worse before getting better. I asked her to let me know when is her next MRI and offered her one treatment right before that with a few days, because I wanted to see if there would be any difference-maybe she isn’t feeling it because people with MS don’t feel things like we do? 

Her MRI was last tuesday and I treated her the Friday before that. Again all over her spine,while I was shopping yesterday she called me with the results…my jaws dropped, my heart felt joy and excitement! She said her MRI was all NEGATIVE!!! ALLAHU AKBAR!!!!

All plaque was gone from her spine and her brain. The Doctor couldn’t believe it! Patients sitting around her couldn’t believe it! At first she had a mad reaction, “What do you mean negative? I have MS!”

Then it hit her…the Hijama Therapy had worked! She started crying and couldn’t believe it.When I heard this I made sujud shukr in the middle of the store and cried as well…

Allahuma lak al hamd wa shukr-You are the ultimate Healer, TabarakAllah, MashaAllah.”

by Asma Elmerini, CHP, TX, USA

 See the testimonial from this patient below…

“Asalaam alaykum wa Rahmatulaah. Not sure if my story has been shared here or not but I was diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) 13+years ago and have had so many MRI’s done since then I can’t count on two hands, Subhanallah. Every time I have had plaque (scarring) on my brain and up and down my spine, which is the cause of the disabling pain and other symptoms along with the loss off myelin on the nerves. Each time over the years the plaque size and amount of lesions has increased. I had 4 MRIs done on 1/27 following 5 treatments (hijamah). With the mercy of Allah SUBHAANA WA TA’ALA there were NO plaques found ANYWHERE, ALLAHU AKBAR. I do still have symptoms because of the loss of the myelin on my nerves and their exposure but there are no signs on my brain or back of the presence of MS SUBHANALLAH” by MS Patient, age 41, TX, USA.

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  1. Assalaamoe alaikoem warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh,
    Could you please specify the points you did hijama on? Barak Allahou fiek! ❤
    Ma3a salama,
    Ikram ( Dutch patiënt sorry for my english )

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