Can planning or problem solving be a challenge for you?

Are you suffering from depression?

Do you misplace things and you are unable to trace them back?

Are you on regular painkillers after a surgery?

Do you take drugs?

Are you suffering from mild cognitive impairment?

Do you frequently forget things?

These symptoms might lead to memory loss.

Don’t ignore these!

Hijama Cupping Therapy can help get rid of the symptoms and can help improve memory.

Most people forget things from time to time but if you keep having problems with your memory. It can be Amnesia.(memory loss)

Memory loss can just be a natural part of getting older.

Sometimes it may be caused by something common and treatable like:

Occasionally, memory loss can be a sign of something more serious, such as dementia.

Normal ageing can cause some forgetfulness.

You need to take memory loss seriously, if it’s disrupting your daily life.

If it’s becoming difficult for you to complete familiar tasks at home, office or school, if you are confused with time and space, if you are unable to learn or remember new vocabulary, don’t delay!

Consult a Certified Hijama Practitioner and treat yourself naturally, holistically and according to sunnah.

Sometimes Concussion or head trauma can become a reason for sudden memory loss. Not enough oxygen gets to the brain when your heart or breathing is disrupted or stopped.

Severe brain infection or infection around the brain can lead to memory loss. Similarly a  major surgery or a severe illness, including brain surgery, stroke, cancer treatment, multiple sclerosis or metaphysical issues can be a reason for memory loss.

Hijama Cupping Therapy can help treat issues related to memory loss, Insha Allah.

Hijama is found to be extremely beneficial in cases of memory weakness, memory loss or lack of concentration.

Hijama is helpful in regulating blood flow to the brain. The process can help in regulating  and controlling feelings and affections. Hijama can improve mental balance and stability, if it’s because of decrease or lack of blood flow in the brain.

Hijama on the head can help cleanse, detox and may help to open up blocked vessels, this will relieve pressure in the brain. 

Cupping is an amazing therapy for brain fog or memory issues. It makes a client feel relaxed, anxiety free and helps get rid of depression. This leads to better memory and allows us to focus and concentrate.

Head cupping can help with clarity of thoughts.

Use the following important Hijama points to help treat memory loss and to eradicate the root causes.

HN would advise to treat a client Holistically. Mind, body and soul are to be treated equally.

A Certified Hijama Practitioner will guide towards a healthy lifestyle, to eat organic foods, to lead an active life, to maintain healthy weight, regular intake of Vit D, decreasing sugars, proper sleep etc

Listen to Umm Amaar, the co-founder of Hijama Nation, discussing a detailed hijama treatment plan for memory loss, seizures and metaphysical Issues.

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Sr Umm Amaar is a Holistic Therapies Practitioner, Life coach, Writer and Public Speaker. Her passion for Traditional Islamic Medicine, Complementary and Alternative Natural Medicine has been a driving force behind the growth and establishment of Hijama Cupping Therapy in UK. She has trained hundreds of women globally to become successful Certified Hijama Practitioners and Businesswomen.

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