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Sister Umm Amaar of Hijama Nation explains how we can alleviate physical, emotional, spiritual and mental issues by performing the Sunnah of hijama cupping therapy.
My story

“How many of you have heard of hijama cupping therapy? Not many I suspect. It is a Sunnah that not many Muslims know about and yet, it is so important. I had not heard of it myself until about three years ago, and even then, I stumbled upon it accidentally.
Alhamdulillah, I am a Holistic Therapies Practitioner and qualified in many disciplines such as Swedish massage, reflexology and Indian head massage to name but a few. I had thought I was pretty clued up on the latest trends in complementary therapies. A friend mentioned hijama therapy to me one day, and I was surprised that I had never heard of this exotic, mysterious therapy before. Naturally, I was curious to know more about it. Maybe it was one more skill I could add to my repertoire? I googled hijama and subhanAllah, my life changed forever! I found very little information, but what was available was powerful enough to convince me to pursue it. Hijama cupping therapy is a part of the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad r as well as Tibb an-Nabawi (prophetic medicine) with many authentic ahadith to back it up.
The Prophet r explained that hijama is one of the best medicines: “The best medicine with which you treat yourselves is hijama….” (Al Bukhari)
I was convinced within minutes that I had to learn this natural, healing art and tell other Muslims about it. Alhamdulillah, I became trained in it immediately and practised upon myself, family and friends. We all saw huge improvements in our health and the eradication of many ailments. I had been severely ill for years, and yet, within a few months, I was so much better after having had hijama therapy. I started treating patients at home. Word of mouth spread like wildfire. I was getting amazing results and the local Muslim community were buzzing about this phenomenal treatment. My husband saw huge benefits to hijama, and he started practising too.
Benefits of hijama
Hijama is beneficial for many ailments. Some of these include:
• Headaches and migraines
• Backache
• High blood pressure
• Arthritis
• Knee pain
• Depression
• Fertility issues
• Period pains
• Metaphysical issues (such as jinn, black magic and envy; all of which can cause illness and be expelled with hijama, according to the Sunnah)
The Prophet r said: “The best treatment is hijama cupping; it removes blood, lightens the back and sharpens the eyesight.” (At- Tirmidhi)

Process of hijama
Hijama is a process where we use a suction pump to create suction on the skin and muscle. This is called the negative pressure. The suction process pulls dead blood cells and toxic, thick and stagnated debris to the surface. Then we make very small, shallow incisions to the first layer of skin. You cannot even see the blood coming out until you apply the suction again to pull out the toxic blood, excess fluids and acids from the body. Thus, it is a natural and powerful detox. We get ill because of the toxicity in our body caused by junk food and drink, medications, chemicals and other factors. These clog up our system and block essential vitamins, minerals and oxygen from nourishing our cells in a healthy manner. This makes the body become weak and deteriorate. Removing toxicity from the body through the process of hijama kick starts the immune system and allows the body to heal itself, achieving homeostatic balance.
Questions about hijama
Many people ask if women are allowed to have hijama done on them or if they can perform it on others. The answer is yes! Men, women, children and the elderly are allowed to have hijama performed upon them. For women, there are certain considerations which should be taken into account. These considerations are of a physiological and health-based nature, rather than religious. Some of these considerations are discussed below.
FAQs about hijama
I am scared of hijama. Does it hurt?
The process of hijama does not hurt all, so there is nothing to be scared of. The incisions are very shallow, so most of the time you don’t even feel them. Many of the patients describe the feeling of incision as ticklish or light scratching. Besides, if it is the best treatment and remedy according to Allah I and His Messenger r, we should not be afraid of it anyway.
Can I have hijama during pregnancy?
Generally speaking, it is better not to have hijama wet cupping therapy performed if it is a normal pregnancy, especially during the first and third trimester. It should definitely not be done on the lower back or lower abdomen, especially if you are in very early stages, and you are not sure if you are pregnant yet. Having said that, in some extreme cases, pregnant women may need hijama on the upper back, neck or head in cases of evil eye and envy, black magic and jinn possession. However, dry cupping is fine on the arms, legs and upper back/shoulders throughout pregnancy. They are also excellent for the onset of labour and post-delivery as pain relief and relaxation. All cupping applications also promote speedy recovery for women.
Can I have hijama done whilst breastfeeding?
Yes, if your post-natal bleeding has stopped and you feel strong enough. It will help to bring in your milk and reduce back pain from labour, delivery and nursing. Fixed and moving cupping can be performed daily for pain relief and relaxation. But hijama should not be done too frequently, as the patient may feel weak if they are nursing and/or still have post-natal or irregular bleeding.

Can I have hijama done during my menstrual cycle?
The menstrual cycle is a natural monthly detox for women, so there is no real need to have hijama performed during that time. It is better not to if you suffer from heavy bleeding and even anaemia, especially during the first few days. Having said that, if a woman feels strong enough and needs hijama or moving cupping for pain relief, cramping or migraines, then there is no harm in it.
Can hijama be done if you are pre-menopausal, menopausal or post-menopausal?
Yes, definitely. Dry and wet cupping are great for reducing symptoms such as hot flushes, pain, mood swings and so on during pre-menopausal and menopausal phases. It will also help to stabilise any erratic bleeding. It is an excellent natural detox after menopause and great for pain relief in bones and joints for women.
Does hijama help with fertility?
Yes! Hijama helps to detox the body and balance hormones. It regulates the menstrual cycle and hormonal imbalances. It helps with strengthening the immune system. We have had countless cases of successful fertility rates for both men and women after hijama.
Can hijama help with Polycistic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)?
Yes! As above, hijama is excellent for any type of OB/GYN issues, cysts and other chronic “women’s issues”. We have treated many women with PCOS, especially young women.
So what does this mean for you?
If you are suffering from any of the above conditions, then please do try hijama at least once – what have you got to lose? It will help you feel lighter, relaxed, calmer, pain-free and more balanced. You will also be fulfilling a Sunnah and performing ‘ibadah. What could be better than that?
Our mission
Our main goal is to educate, motivate and train other Muslims about hijama and Prophetic medicine in general. Not only is it an ‘ibadah to receive hijama, but also to administer it. There is great reward, honour and blessing in this profession, and we encourage all Muslims to learn this skill, even if it is just to treat your own family.
The Prophet r said: “I did not pass by an angel from the angels on the night journey except that they all said to me; ‘Upon you is hijama cupping, O Muhammad’” (Ibn Maajah).
If you are interested in learning more about hijama, you can receive a free ebook by visiting http://HijamaTraining.com. May Allah I bless you and keep us in your du’a”.
By Umm Amaar (BA Hons, CHP, ND Candidate)

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  1. Assalamualaykum I want to know that can hijama help to do balance hormones am getting ridd of acne on face? doing hijama on kahil point does it help how many sessions I have to do does it can be do 2 months continuously

    1. Assalamualaikum,
      Yes Hijama can help maintain a harmonal balance and can help get rid of the root causes of many illnesses. Hijama can help treat acne.
      Consult a Certified Hijama Practitioner, he/she will be able to design detailed hijama plan, with relevant hijama points for you, keeping in mind your medical history.
      To find a Hijama Nation practitioner near you click here:https://hijamacertification.com/hijamapractitioners.php
      Sr Adeela Aaiesha. CHP
      Hijama Coach.

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