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Hijama Nation Association (HNA) and Holistic Hijama Regulations in The U.K. - Hijama Nation

Hijama Nation Association (HNA) and Holistic Hijama Regulations in The U.K.

What is the Good News?
Hijama Regulations in the U.K.
With the mercy, blessing and guidance from ALLAH swt, Hijama Nation is now officially
a Professional Body Association. 

We have just become members of the www.GRCCT.org   (General Regulatory Council of Complementary Therapies). They work with the Federal Regulatory Council (UK Government) to regulate complementary therapies.
What does it mean for Hijama (Holistic)?
We have had Hijama Cupping Therapy formally recognized by the UK Government as a New Holistic discipline in Complementary Therapies.
Subsequently, Hijama Cupping Therapy is now a Holistic Core Therapy Qualification recognised in Complementary Therapies in the U.K. 
We are now the Lead Advisors to the GRCCT and Federal Regulatory Council for Hijama Cupping Therapy. We will be working closely with the Regulators to get Hijama Cupping Therapy established as a standardised industry. We will be responsible for forming Code and Ethics, Regulations, Policies and Procedures, Safety Guidelines, Complaints and Disciplinary procedures to a high standard in the UK, insha’allah.
Hijama Nation will now have a national and public register of certified and insured practitioners who have been trained to a high standard. The public can feel secure in approaching them to have hijama administered upon them safely and professionally
What does this mean for you?Safety in Hijama
Qualification: Hijama will be practiced ONLY by the qualified practitioners, who have proper training in the Health and Safety, either by us or any other Hijama organisation that is registered by GRCCT.
High Standards: The patient is getting treatment from a qualified practitioner, who has
highest of standards. They will feel comfortable and the patients won’t have a negative image of Hijama as they may have currently. This may be due to having Hijama performed by individuals who are not well qualified to practice Hijama and they don’t know what they are doing. 

Reputation: You will be trained and qualified by the leaders in the industry to the highest level. You will become a member of our reputable Association and experience the benefits that we provide for our members.
Hijama Standards
The Future: After receiving training from us, you can also become a member of the highest level of Complementary Therapy Regulators (GRCCT) in the UK that works with the UK Government. GRCCT is very reputable organisation, where delegations from Saudi Arabia have approached them to help them regulate Hijama in their country. As well as they have been consulting the State of Taxes, in the U.S. to regulate Complementary Therapies. 
Credibility: So by becoming GRCCT’s member through our Training Program, you will have a credibility in your local Health and Safety department. As well as, we will be able to help our students, regulate Hijama in their locality with the help of GRCCT. 
NHS Access: As a recognised therapy, Hijama will be taken seriously and a safe practice in the Government. As well as we will have the opportunity to work with NHS, where in the future, our patients might even be able to get reimbursed by the NHS insha Allah. This will help the people who are not able to afford the treatment of Hijama on regular basis and they will be more well off than using any other form of therapy.
In summary, what are the benefits of doing the Diploma Course with Hijama Nation?

  • You will receive the best education in Hijama Cupping Therapy. We provide an Accredited Diploma in Hijama Cupping Therapy and Islamic Medicine  that no other course provider is offering
  • You will be certified in a Core Therapy Qualification which allows you to become insured and set up and run a clinic successfully
  • This will show you have been trained and qualified by the best in the UK and are part of our elite team
  • You will be on the HNA National Register, once you get member of our Association, which proves your reliability, professionalism and credibility in the public domain
  • You will have your own profile page on our websites with all your business, services and contact information
  • You will be permitted to use our HNA members logo on your website, promotional, business and marketing material (after becoming our association member)
  • Protection with Complaints  and Disciplinary Procedures according to regulations
  • Discounts on Professional Indemnity Insurance coverage
  • Automatic membership rights to GRCCT National Register for a fee paid to them directly
  • Discounts on supplies, events, workshops and other courses
  • Student and Practitioner newsletter, forums, live calls, webinars and conferences
  • Ongoing  tutor support and mentorship programmes for graduates
  • Business and Marketing advice about how to promote and grow your business
  • Continuous Professional Development Courses and events (CPD) for ongoing training and assessments
  • Teacher Training Certification Programme
  • Other job opportunities in management, teaching, administration, marketing, promotion and research.
  • Affiliation  Opportunities and Joint Venture Projects

So be part of reviving this Sunnah and Transform your life as well as others! Do it professionally, responsibly and conscientiously, as we are reviving this sunnah and are answerable to ALLAH swt. We would love for you to become part of our team.
Please learn more about the course and enrol at:
For information email us at info@HijamaNation.com
Many thanks,
Hijama Nation Association (HNA)

4 Responses

  1. Mashallah!
    Mabrook for all your success . May Allah bless you more in sha Allah. You really deserve this as your whole effort is to please Allah and revive sunnah . Mashallah . .may Allah help all of us to revive it.
    I’m proud to be a part of Hijama nation .

  2. Many congratulations on this massive achievement in Hijama ‘the forgotten Sunnah’ .
    Really pleased that you are taking to a professional standard at government level.
    Pray Allah puts lots of Baraqah in your work and rewards your efforts and the many practitioners who are aiming to revive this Sunnah responsibly, Ameen

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