Do you have  poor posture?

Are you suffering from an injury on the shoulders or back?

Is your spine in pain?

Are you suffering from torn cartilage?

Do you have a pinched nerve?

Are your muscles inflamed?

Don’t ignore these symptoms.

These might turn into a severe Shoulder Issue.

Consult a Certified Hijama Practitioner and book a session earliest possible.

If you are experiencing severe upper back pain between the shoulder blades, as it may be signs of a serious medical condition, such as lung disease, heart disease, blood vessel disease, or gallstones.

Problems with the joints and associated nerves of the neck and upper back can also be a source of shoulder pain. The pain from the neck and upper back is often felt at the back of the shoulder joint and through to the outside of the upper arm.

The most common cause of shoulder pain is when rotator cuff tendons become inflamed or trapped in your shoulder. This is called rotator cuff tendinitis, or irritation of these tendons and inflammation of the bursa, small slippery fluid filled sacs that the tendons glide over.

Hijama cupping causes vasodilation and can increase blood circulation and is therefore an effective therapy for chronic neck and shoulder pain.

Hijama Nation treats each client holistically. Shoulder pains can be because of stress, depression or anxiety as well apart from Physical reasons.

All medical conditions have to be kept in mind and eliminated.

Hijama Nation would advise to treat clients with the following effective Hijama Points for shoulder pain. 

Dry, fixed, cluster, moving and wet cupping sessions will be extremely beneficial to treat such conditions, Insha Allah.

Kahil Cleanse can Insha Allah help to treat shoulder issues as it covers both shoulder blades as well.

For shoulder pain and related issues Hijama cupping can be performed over the scapula, on the deltoid, the trapezius muscles, the latissimus, the pecs, and some of the neck muscles.

If your client is suffering from shoulder pain, Rotator Cuff Tendonitis/Bursitis or Shoulder Impingement, typically these conditions don’t improve on their own and can linger on and be extremely painful. 

Cupping can be a great way to get blood flow to the targeted area and allow ease of movement in the pain area.

Hijama Cupping Therapy is becoming a popular natural treatment. Hijama has been  used for thousands of years to treat inflammation and improve blood flow, it has been proved that Hijama can be extremely effective in helping treat common nerve entrapments.

Cupping helps your body reduce inflammation through suction. You can think of it as similar to a massage in reverse. This treatment contributes to sterile inflammation. The vacuum-like suction from the cups causes micro-trauma to the applied areas.

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