The following Case Study is from our HNA Graduate Dr Tasneem from Bahamas.
Her patient was a 61 year Old Female with excruciating pain in her knee since the last 4 months. She would find it difficult to walk short distances. She also suffered from abdominal bloating since one year. She was diagnosed with Gastritis with fatty liver, Diabetes mellitus, Hypertension, Obesity, Hypothyroidism. She had been taking two medications and pain killers to manage the pain. Occasionally, she experienced a reflux of sour fluid into her mouth.
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She had a number of Hijama sessions. She was encouraged on dietary requirements to aid healing. Such as fruits, vegetables, barley, ginger tea with honey and lemon. Also to have black seed oil and fenugreek. She was advised to avoid rice, wheat, spicy foods and carbohydrates. Also to increase water intake and to walk regularly. Before treatment she was on the mediation: Glucophage 501mg and Thyroxin 50 mcg daily.


After treatment the patient felt amazing and as she felt healthier in general. The pain in her Knee reduced by more than 50%. By the end of treatment, she had lost 10lbs of weight. Her blood pressure constantly read 110/70 mm Hg. She was still experiencing the episodes of Gastric pain but they were not as frequent which was brilliant. 
scalesShe was advised to reduce the dosage of both her medications to half of the previous dose. She was extremely satisfied with her treatment and results and was very enthusiastic of advising others to get Hijama done.
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