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Hijama helped me button my child’s shirt! - Hijama Nation

Hijama helped me button my child’s shirt!

The following is case study from one of our Graduates from West Midlands, UK. She is a Certified Hijama Practitioner (CHP) from Hijama Nation.
The following is how her female patient suffering from numbness and a great deal of strain in her shoulders, arms and hands for many years gained positive results with Hijama. 

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Her patient for many years had numbness in her hands and strain in her shoulders and arms and until recently it had worsened. These areas felt very light as though they had no strength.  She found it very difficult to do general everyday tasks such as carry heavy shopping, holding utensils to prepare food also difficulty in buttoning up her children’s clothing. After doing these types of activities the symptoms would worsen.
11shoulder pain


She had a number of Hijama sessions including massage and moving cupping over a period of time. She was also encouraged to do light exercises with these areas.


Since the Hijama, she has had more sensation in her hand and there is less strain on her shoulders and arms as the numbness and strain was not as frequent and severe as before.  She can do the buttons on her children’s clothing without distress and can do everyday tasks much easily than before and happily knowing the symptoms will not worsen.
fruit cut


‘I had this problem for many years and did not know how to treat it, until my practitioner educated me about the Hijama treatment and helped me remove my worries. At first I did not believe it can help me but since my Hijama sessions, I have positive sensation in my shoulders, arms and hands. I can do everyday tasks much easily than before and not worried about the possible pain after”.
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  1. Assalamoalaikum,
    My uric acid is gone 8.3.
    I ve no problem, still can hijama help me maintain.

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