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Hijama For Lower Back And Leg Pain

I hope you are well. Do you suffer from lower back or leg pain? Then maybe the following student case study and treatment plan could help you…
I am a Hijama Practitioner and I am based in Maryland, USA. The case study in the below is about how to treat abdominal pain through Hijama.
My Patient’s Medical Background:
My patient Mrs. T, aged 69 had been suffering from severe abdominal pain, lower back and leg pain when she came to me. She had been limping for two months, had high blood sugar levels and headaches. She was still in pain even after dry cupping and traditional massage from another Therapist.
hijama for lower back pain
Hijama Treatment Plan:

  • Hijama first on Sunnah points, then leg and feet
  • Cleansing of blood, and treatment on cardio and upper body area
  • Massage cupping on lower back area
  • Hijama on legs and feet

Hijama Treatment Sessions:
Session 1: First, I did cupping on Sunnah points and tail bone. Lots of steam and blood came out which was dark in colour. 
Session 2: The patient was feeling lighter after 1st session. I decided to do cupping on lower back and massage cupping on her back.
Session 3: Mrs. T told me that her pain went away after last session. Now, I did cupping on her shoulders , front and back leg and also on knee area.
Session 4: Mrs. T started to walk better after 3rd session. In this session, I did cupping on Sunnah points of legs and thighs.
Session 5: I did cupping on inner thigh now as the patient was still feeling pain on that area. After this session, the patient was not limping any more.
Session 6: I did cupping on cardio for the 2nd time and there was steam on most of the cups.
Hijama Practitioner and Patient’s Evaluation:
Mrs. T felt so much better right after the 1st session. The pain on the upper part of the body had gone immediately and just a little pain existed in the lower back. So it seems that the  Hijama results on her were immediate. After 2nd and 3rd session of Hijama, especially when done on her legs and thighs, she felt much better. She visited me again approximately three weeks later, after I came back from a Practical Training workshop with Hijama Nation in London. By then she was not limping anymore. She smiled at me and showed me how she could walk upright.

She told me that she had no more pain in her lower back and her feet. It shows hijama for lower back pain can be a great option for you.  After her treatment, I can say that there was some stagnant blood which blocked the circulation to the leg area and was causing pain and limping. But after removing that blood with more Hijama, the circulation improved and so the pain went away.
I hope this helps you in some small way, insha’allah! Please leave your comments below and share it with your friends and family.


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