Are you suffering from earache?

Do you find it hard to keep up with a conversation?

Are you suffering from episodes of dizziness and fullness of ears?

Do you have to request people to repeat themselves as you are not sure what they said?

Has someone told you that the volume of your TV is too high for others?

Are you suffering from tinnitus (ringing in the ear)?

Do you have a feeling as if your ear is blocked and itchy?

These might be symptoms of Hearing loss!

Do not ignore these symptoms. Consult a Certified Hijama Practitioner.

Hijama Cupping Therapy can help treat Hearing loss and ear infections, Insha Allah.

Hearing loss is common, particularly as you get older. It could be caused by something that can be easily treated.

So do not ignore your condition. Sometimes an injury can be a cause of hearing loss as well. It is not always easy to tell that you are losing your hearing. Your family and friends might be able to notice it before you.

There are lots of possible causes of hearing loss. It may be caused by something easily treatable, by an injury, due to an infection, earwax build-up, damage in ear drums, Labyrinthitis or because of age.

If you are experiencing hearing loss, along with other symptoms such as earache or a discharge coming from the ear, please do not delay!

Consult your GP and get diagnosed. Your GP might send you for a hearing test. The treatment will depend on the reason for hearing loss. You can be referred to a specialist for further tests and treatment. 

Hijama Cupping Therapy is a Sunnah of our prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Allah swt has put shifa in it. 

Hijama cupping can help treat hearing loss and its various root causes.

Cupping therapy can be described as a technique that uses cups placed over the skin to create negative pressure through suction.  

Hijama cupping therapy has been in use all over the world for centuries for many musculoskeletal and some non-musculoskeletal conditions.  

Hijama Cupping encourages tissues to release toxins, inflammation and water retention.

Hijama Nation would advise to perform Hijama on the following important points, to get rid of hearing issues…treat yourself and your clients to benefit Insha Allah.

Hijama Cupping gives your body a boost in releasing toxins. Focused blood flow helps your body by flushing built-up toxins through the lymphatic system. (Your lymphatic system is responsible for eliminating your body’s toxins and waste.)

With skin, muscle and other soft tissues being pulled into the cup due to suction, this will naturally increase blood circulation to the area being treated. The increased flow will flush out any stagnated toxins in the blood as well as attract immune cells to the treated area

Moving, dry, cluster, fixed and wet cupping can help get rid of some of the root causes  of Hearing loss.

Consult a certified Hijama practitioner and book your hijama session. A CHP will design a detailed Hijama treatment plan for you, keeping in mind your medical conditions.

Moving and dry cupping in front of the ears and at the back of the ears can be extremely beneficial to relieve pain, to decrease swelling and to improve blood circulation in the ear.

Hijama wet cupping on the head and close to the ears should be performed to get rid of the ailment.

Hijama Nation would advise to begin with a full body sectional cleanse and then target the ears. Sessions should be designed in such a way that the affected ear can slightly be treated in the 3 week sectional cleanse as well.

Let’s revive the sunnah of Hijama.

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