One of our Students carried out the following case study on a patient over a 6 week period. Mrs NA suffers from multiple conditions which are commonplace, especially within the Asian Community; Diabetes, high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, constipation, sore knees, aches and pains all over her body-sound familiar? Read on….

Personal Information and client profile

NA is a 71 year old widowed female who is active and is 5ft 1 and weighs 10 stones which is slightly overweight for her build which is medium.
Medical History: NA has suffered from diabetes for the last 20 years. She is currently on medication and has learned to control this through her diet and medication. She has never had any operations. Her blood pressure is high due to leading a stressful lifestyle since losing her husband 20 years ago.
Emotional Health: NA suffers from depression and anxiety because of family factors and this has been on-going for the last 12 years. She is older now and finds she can’t operate efficiently as she could 10 years ago. Although still active and carries on with daily duties she is exhausted all the time and suffers from lots of aches and pains in her body.
Lifestyle: She is a non-smoker, drinker and prays all the time and has immense faith in Allah. However, she indicates that she suffers from depression and anxiety caused by her children and this is having an impact on her health. She drinks less water and eats less fruit and veg. Her diet is mainly Asian cuisine hot curries and chapattis. She is constipated a lot and frequently urinates because of her diabetes and feels very tired all the time. I have recommended she increases veg and water in her diet. She could benefit from eating sunnah foods such as dates and pomegranates, and exercise such as swimming to reduce stiffness in her joints.
Current health issues: NA has 80% of pain in her upper kahil area and lower back. She also has severe pain around 80% in the knee area. This is due to diabetes and blood pressure and general aging.
Contraindications: High blood pressure controlled by tablets. The medical pre-consultation form can be found in Appendix 9 which provides details on personal, diet, lifestyle and health condition in detail. The Patients Treatment Plan can be found in Appendix 10. These are available for enrolled students at: www.hijamacertification.com.)
Table 9 Case Study NA
The table below identifies the percentage of pain before and after 6 sessions of hijama.
Marina NA Table 3
Table 10
The results below show that pain prior to hijama was 80% which had remained steady in sessions 2 and 3 and reduced steadily over session 4 and then remained the same in session 5 and then saw a 5% decrease in session 6. Overall, pain had reduced by 35%. The patient suffers from diabetes and blood pressure but does not rest because of personal commitments. However, her diet has improved and this has also had a result on the percentage of pain reduced from session 1.
Marina NA Table 4
NA has seen an improvement in since hijama. In session 2 and 3 her pain level remains stable as she was not resting so she did not see any improvement in session 3. NA then saw an improvement in session 4 and then this did not reduce in session 5 as she was not resting and had a stressful week. Her health has improved and the inflammation in her knee has reduced significantly and she finds it easier to pray. She drinks honey and water on the morning which has helped with her health and she is eating more vegetables in her diet which has improved her health.
So here is another example of how Hijama, diet and positive lifestyle changes can improve your health and quality of life. You can experience this health and joy too. Try Hijama and see how you can feel better with amazing results. 
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