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Hijama for Breast Cancer-Case Study

Assalaamu’alaykum Everyone!
I am sharing a fantastically, amazing case study with you presented to us by Sr Marina Yaseen of Newcastle, UK. She is a recent graduate of the HNA Accredited Higher Diploma in Hijama Cupping Therapy (Dip.HCT) and the first ever student to be awarded a Higher Distinction for her work. Her patient suffers from breast cancer and here is the treatment plan and results…


Personal Information and client profile
 Mrs YA. Age 52: Divorced female, weighs 9stone 10lbs and is 5ft 3 in height and is of medium build.
 Medical History: YA has suffered from cancer over the last 6 years. This started with breast cancer and now has been diagnosed as being in her back and in her liver in which she is due to have an operation to reduce the cancer. Prior to cancer YA’s health was good. She has never had any form of massage before. YA is taking a wide range of medication which include fexofenadine and tramadol to ease the pain associated with the medication she is taking which is a form of chemotherapy treatment but in tablet form.  YA has never had any operations and has been relatively healthy in the past.
 Emotional Health: YA is dealing with a divorce and the impact of her current health condition is making her mentally and physically depressed and she is suffering from very high levels of anxiety. She has days when she feels happy and days when she feels extreme sadness and extremely emotional. However, she continues to pray regularly and continues with zikr and prayer which gives her the emotional strength to deal with issues with her emotional and personal life. Overall, she states she maintains positivity and uses this approach to thank Allah each day. She does not exercise but uses prayer as exercise.
 Lifestyle: YA has a good diet. However, does not have the energy to exercise. She does not smoke or drink and eats traditional Kashmiri food which can be spicy. She does not drink enough water and has been encouraged to do so with the toxicity of her medications. She has fruit and veg regularly and mainly eats hot foods and cold foods so her diet is balanced. However, she has a high salt intake and I have recommended that she has rock salt and cut down on normal table salt which is dangerous in the long term. Her urination is normal and bowel movements are good, but needs to increase water intake which will help with lethargy.
 Current health issues: YA has Cancer in the breast, spine and now liver. The patient has been advised to drink green juice. A combination of kiwi, lemon, spinach, broccoli, sunnah food kalunji, honey and celery, since the start of her first session. She feels very tired mentally and physically and requires a holistic approach to combine with her current cancer treatment. She suffers from pain in the upper back, points 1 and under the shoulder muscles as well as the right side of the mid and lower back where the liver and kidney are located.
 Contraindications: None. The medical pre-consultation form can be found in Appendix 3 which provides details on personal, diet, lifestyle and health condition in detail. The Patients Treatment Plan can be found in Appendix 4. (These are available for enrolled students on the student website: www.hijamacertification.com).
 Table 3 Case Study YA: The table below identifies the percentage of pain before and after 6 sessions of hijama.
Marina YA Table 3
Table 4 below identifies that level of pain in prior to the treatment for the cancer patient which was 90% and the significant reduction of pain within 6 sessions decreasing at a steady rate to 40%. A 50% improvement has been evidenced in 6 sessions. Continuous and intensive hijama could prove beneficial for the patients’ health in the long-term.
 Marina YA Table 4
The patient mentioned that pain has significantly reduced in areas of the back and the kidney area. The pain before treatment was 90% and by session 6 reduced to 40%. YA has been drinking green juice which is used to reduce the acidity within the body and as a result the white cells within her body have increased after tests from the hospital. Cancer is illnesses which is melancholic and cold and dry as a temperament and can make the patient feel tired, depressed and have imbalanced humors. However, incorporating an increased diet of green juice has helped with the acid-alkaline balance within the body. This alongside intensive hijama is needed for critical conditions like cancer and YA have experienced a change in her emotional, spiritual and overall wellbeing. She has noticed that her skin colour has returned to normal and her energy levels are high. The pain in the kidney areas has reduced and overall pain in the upper back has reduced and she describes herself as feeling lighter”
The case study agreed that she would continue with hijama in the future and would recommend hijama to others now they have personally experienced the Sunnah way.
Some of the positive comments highlighted were “Hiama is beneficial for cancer patients, as it has  increased my white cells and I feel more relaxed.”
I am sure you will agree that these are outstanding results and a breakthrough in cancer research and treatment. Hijama and natural medicine does help to alleviate symptoms, increase white blood cell counts and strengthen the immune system.
I hope you benefit from this case study and are inspired to either have treatment down on yourself, or to learn how to do it to help others, inshaa Allah. Look out for more case studies coming soon….
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Thanks and take care!


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